12-21-12 and The Serengeti Frog Principle

by Trinity S. Thomas on December 21, 2012

Today is a tribute to great cosmic cycles of time, ages turning, galaxies rotating for 108 million years to line up with the Great Central Sun and a variety of streams of cosmic energy particles infusing our solar system through our local sun. Awakenings, activations, evolution, and risings of all sorts. This makes me think of the frogs of the Serengeti.

I am married to a zoologist, so I often hear amazing tales of the power and resilience of Nature. I am an Oracle, One who Remembers and Communicates Living information from the Environment. I am somewhat amphibious myself, able to walk all sorts of boundaries and operate in many different environments. It is the most delicious sort of inspiration, confirmation, pure joy to learn of biological truths which support the reality of the unbroken thread – the ability of potential to remain viable despite unfavorable conditions, and the passage of great spans of time. As we have…

Which brings me to the Serengeti Frog Principle. The Serengeti Desert is quite famous for being parched much of the time. Yet there is a particular species of frog who have developed the ability to flourish there. They lay their eggs in the rich black oozy dirt during the monsoon season. On the banks of the river, the transition zone where land becomes waterway. Knowing that parched conditions would come soon and last a long time; often many years. Trusting that eventually the cycle would turn again and the rains would come. And that when the rains did come, baby frogs would emerge (be activated) from the banks and go about (rise) the cycle of life. A tribute to good biological engineering, trust, and latent potency.

At our best, we all have a bit of the Serengeti Frog Principle in us. We maintain hope, sowing our seeds (laying our eggs!) where we can, when we can. We favor transition zones, transition times, not fearing change, but knowing we can wait it out and make it work, somehow. We instill our eggs, our hopes for a vibrant future, with enough potency to wait out adverse conditions.We know life is a cycle, and favorable conditions for birth are coming.

The Oracles of old knew a lot about cycles. The ancients knew how to bury their treasured wisdom and artifacts to keep them safe, to guard their potency, to endure as long as necessary for the great wheels to turn again to a point where awakening, birth, evolution was possible. They (we!) left good clues, and often those clues remained…

I feel in my very bones, in the adamantine particles of myself, that this particular turn of the ages, this particular cosmic window, is something I was born to witness and anchor. I know I am a particle in a wave of consciousness finely tuned for just this emergence. And I know Now is the Time.

This 12-21-12 Turn of the Ages signals a moment of cosmic energy influx due to alignments of very physical celestial bodies to create a very great rain of energy for us. To create the moment in which we can hatch and move and join the swelling river that has always been there, just out of our reach, but now flooding the Earth. Our presence here is a testament to a grand orchestration of all sorts of forces and memories and high hopes. It is so very good to be Us!

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