A Picture’s Worth

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 18, 2011

Medium Joao


The old cliche, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” has never been proven more true.

The photo at left was taken by Karen Leffler, official photographer for John of God and the entities at The Casa de Dom Ignacio. It is for sale at the Casa store in Abadania as well as on her site (along with many other remarkable images from this and other traditions) at www.karenlefflerphotos.com. I was privileged to see one of her photography exhibitions at the Pousada Luz Divina in Abadania, where she not only exhibited her photos, but also shared her experience of becoming a photographer for John of God, and her experience of the man, the spirits, and the miracles.

So much in the numinous liminal realms of spirit is only visible to those gifted with clairvoyance. The presence of the spirit helpers comes to most of us as whispers or fleeting sensations too easily questioned. Here in John of God Land there are new spirit interactions every day, 40 years of witnesses, testimonials, x-rays showing stitches without any physical surgery entry points, and photographs.

Tonight in Karen’s slideshow of her own photographs as well as decades of photographs and drawings by others, the tangible reality of the miracles was impossible to question. What these photos show is indisputable evidence of the work done by the man known as John of God, and quite a bit of evidence of the presence of specific ‘spirit helpers’.

As the Medium Joao, as he likes to be known, disincorporates, or ‘goes out’, and a discarnate spirit doctor incorporates, or ‘comes in’, there are certain consistent physical changes that are not only observed, but have been documented.

The various ‘doctors’ have their unique personalities as well as their unique physiognomy. Medium Joao has blue eyes. When his eyes are brown, it indicates Dr. Augusto is in residence. When his face becomes very round, with jowls, and a mustache (!), Dr. Valdevino has arrived. Without Karen’s own photos and the care she has taken to restore archival ones, this proof would not be available.

It is the high level of respect and trust the incorporating doctors have for Karen that literally opens the door to these changes being so tangibly revealed in her photos. This is precious proof of the reality of the work performed by the medium and the spirits who incorporate through him.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Spiritual work is done by discarnate beings ‘over lighting’ the humans channeling their work. Karen has been able to both restore and photograph instances of this over lighting affect during Medium Joao’s physical surgeries. It is completely obvious that there is light coming into the photo from a spiritual source. In some photos, the crystals that surround Medium Joao in support of the ‘current’ that allows his work begin to light up, become more illuminated, and eventually are seen to create broad currents of golden light that in some cases even turn in 90 degree angles to facilitate the work.

One photo actually shows a clear image of one of the spirit doctors on the wall above Medium Joao, and several photos show outlines of beings coming, going, and working. Karen’s work is a sacred offering of not only proof, but documentation of the truth of Medium Joao’s historic work, and the miracles that have occurred here for decades.

Governments and medical professionals are notoriously jaded in these matters, and hesitant to support the miraculous claims issuing from such unusual and non-scientific methods. How amazing it is that the Supreme Court of Brazil ruled that Medium Joao and the work he does is not under the jurisdiction of the medical society, but is in a category all it’s own, and to be allowed without question.

For anyone who doubts the reality of the truth of discarnate spirit helpers, or who is seeking tangible evidence to support their faith, this work is worth investigating.

Karen’s website is www.karenlefflerphotos.com.

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