The important thing is this, to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

Charles Du Bos, French Essayist


I know we already contain the power to dispel any darkness and reveal the light that sets us free. We are the light, we contain all the secret codes already, and we are naturally connected through our hearts to the web, or quantum field, of all life.

This is the source of our Inner Authority and the wellspring of Radical Innovation. I support my clients in removing the blocks to love, cutting through the static, and remembering who they are. Then we get to the fun part—creating authentic lives of real love, great joy, and fulfilling work as we remember and celebrate the truth.


About the Site

Inner Oracle - Oracle Vision - Trinity Thomas

This site is a combination of a menu and a treasure map for your own awakening journey. You can start anywhere. It’s all designed to lead you to the same place: Home to your Self.

See the Services section for specific ways I work with clients and my blog, The Oracle Line, for my current musings on this path.

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About Trinity

Trinity S. Thomas Trinity S. Thomas

I was born a “sensitive”, someone naturally intuitive who sees and hears and feels more than most people. I became a consciousness researcher to discover a context and purpose for my unusual abilities.

I’ve made lifelong studies of how to keep your soul alive regardless of your circumstances, how to access your inner wisdom and reclaim your inner authority, and how to read the clues and signs along the way. I’m always alert for miracles. I’m intrigued about how the process of creating your reality actually works.

Some say I’m an Oracle.  I’ve learned to think of 
my life as an art project.

Much of my business and personal success has come from my ability to see the truth and positive potential in people, situations, businesses, institutions, and communities, and help them find a way to set it free. I’m equally comfortable leading a transformational counseling session or providing a business consult, and often enjoy great success combining the two.

People often tell me that I know them better than they know themselves. I hear “Funny you should say that” a lot. It’s a gift. And it’s my passion.