Arms Wide Open

by Trinity S. Thomas on September 8, 2010

Arms Wide Open.Arms Wide Open

Drench yourself in words unspoken. Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins – the rest is still unwritten.” Natasha Bedingfield, “Unwritten”

My mother died nearly three weeks ago. That feels so odd to say. The waves of so many emotions press and push and pull me all around, still. I don’t know of any way to be with these feelings and memories other than with my arms wide open. Open to my loved ones, my animal companions, my flowers, the sky. Open to receive comfort, clarity, meaning, purpose. Open to give…everything I am. It’s an Arms Wide Open moment, for me.

I was lucky. We had time to tell each other one last time how much we loved one another. She told me she was proud of me. I told her she was the perfect Mom for me. She said she’d “be in touch.” And she has been.

This is a passage no one can really help you through. I am finding my heart sings a new chorus nearly every day, and I need different things, and I wonder different things. I feel open and closed at the same time!

You have to wake up every day with your Arms Wide Open to whatever comes and let it in. Let it wash through. Resistance is most truly, seriously, futile. Think with your heart. Be braver than you are. Believe in more goodness than you’ve ever imagined. Give everything you are and have. Arms Wide Open.

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