Attitude and Awareness

by Trinity S. Thomas on March 5, 2011

Sunrise Sunset

I took several sets of photographs of a sun setting in the Pacific Ocean recently. One set was taken on a cloudy day, so that the last rays of the sun lit up several banks of clouds in purples and golds and oranges. When I uploaded them I realized that if I didn’t know that the sun in the photograph was setting, I might assume it was rising. It certainly looked and felt to me more like a sunrise than a sunset, with all the optimism, gladness, newness, and promise of the beginning of a new day.

This idea of having  a choice about what attitude to view the world with is both ancient and currently well known. There’s an ancient Chinese character, or ideogram, that means both crisis and opportunity. The philosophy being that any and every event that is a crisis is also an opportunity.

And I have always been fascinated with the English word “luck,” because I found it so interesting that it was used to mean completely opposite things, depending upon the context. “Just my luck” is not generally meant as a celebration, while “lucky” usually refers to a person who naturally has much more good fortune than bad.

Then there’s the famous cliche about the glass of water being either half full or half empty.

Attitude determines Vision. There’s huge power in this realization.

When I am feeling low, tired, financially stretched, lonely, sad, or uninspired, my Vision suffers right along with me. When I am feeling energized, inspired, abundant, happy, well-companioned, and creative, I naturally Vision wonderful scenarios. It’s easy in those moments to fund my imagination of the best version of all my topics. I have discovered that I am intrinsically very creative; I create all the time, out of whatever state I find myself in! I’ve proven this to myself more than once lately, in both directions. My Vision is always working to create in the direction of my attitude-in-the-moment.

It is crucial to become self-aware, that is, aware in the moment of the state of your mind and emotions. And to buy in to the belief that you have a choice about the state of your own mind and your own emotions. So that you are choosing what you create more of in every moment. Attitude is like a steering wheel. It points you in a direction, sets you on a course, and creates a trajectory and destination all its own. The best news is that you can always choose to change course…if you are aware that you are steering.

Sunset? Sunrise… The image is the same. Your attitude is a choice. Self-awareness is required.
Please choose wisely. Your choices affect not only your own outcome, but the outcome of everyone and everything you touch. And everyone and everything they touch, and everyone…..and thing…..


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