The Heart of Success

Heart of Success, Trinity S. Thomas


The Heart of Success Media Series is a book, audio, and video series developed by award winning author Joyce Schwarz and based on The Heart of Success book set for publication in November 2013.

The 20 co-authors each reveal their soul’s journey to discover their own heart-work and realize their unique success from the inside out.

Chapter 13 is The Heart of the Oracle by Trinity S. Thomas.

Heart of the Oracle Chapter Summary

Following in the tradition of the ancient Oracles of Delphi, Trinity provides strategies to help you cultivate your innate wisdom. She helps readers discover how to unleash their own Inner Oracle so they have access to wisdom, comfort, and guidance in any moment. As a bonus, you can preview her unique tips and exercises to allow you to delve right in to these ancient ways of knowing. Get to the heart of your own Inner Oracle to really experience the magic to transform not only your life, but also the world.

Heart of Success

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