Breathing Grace

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 7, 2011

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I am Breathing Grace in this tiny Brazilian town where John of God channels miracles to pilgrims. My heart is so light. The air, the actual atmosphere, holds more light than I have ever seen. The town is not new or fancy. The roads are dirt, the stores and cafes small.

Last night I sat in the garden with a calico cat named Luz on my lap. The moon was setting over the hills beyond my room. The breeze was perfectly carrying flower scents past me. I could see stars. I was having soul-speake with a dear old friend who manages my tour. It was bliss. This is SO how to live!

Today I booked three crystal bed sessions in a row for myself, to just blow through anything in the way of being fully present now and get it over with!  I spent the first bit of time shedding concerns about the people in my life who I love so dearly, who have so many reactions and opinions about me and my work.  Harmony was achieved. I spoke to one of my favorite goddesses in my inner world. I felt beingness assisting me tangibly. 3 miracles in a row.

Lotus Light

They call this place the House of  Miracles. I have not yet begun the sessions of current with John of  God, but already I see them everywhere. In a breeze that answers my wish for it. In the astonishingly potent smiles of strangers. In a cat who honors my longing for an occupied lap. In sunlight through ordinarily square glass bricks in my wall that somehow forms a perfect pink-lavender lotus on the opposite wall of my bedroom at sunset. In the energy swirls even I can see in the air!

I set my hair free this morning. It is an unruly riot of curls. I set my feet free and wore flip flops all day, through miles of walking. I set my skin free and did not use sunscreen or wear my new hat, and it is miraculously unscathed.  I set my heart free and found I can understand the folks speaking Portuguese nearly perfectly, as long as I ignore the words and translate through my heart. My Oracle Heart. There, I said it. My clarity and courage is returning.

I am an Oracle on a pilgrimage to an Oracle of healing on the other side of my world where winter is still hot and flowers unknown to me bloom in riots and cascades. I am remembering what it feels like to nurture myself and put myself first. This is a good place to rest while my mind empties and my heart fills with real love.

I am Breathing Grace.

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