by Trinity S. Thomas on January 11, 2011

As Above, So Below

It’s 1.11.11. The first 11.11 date that includes a year in my lifetime. Wow. I’ve heard lots of folks wanted to get married on this day due to the interesting number line up. I’ve seen quite a bit of activity around the world for global meditations of all sorts for the same reason. When I look at the date, I see a parade of beginnings, three segments of newness, and two gateways. It’s all in the perception. I imagine that I can actually feel something singular about this day. It must be all the “1”s. LOL. So much choice! This date is like a blank sheet of paper, or some magic poster board that creates whatever we place on it, represented in numbers.

Choice can be a delicious celebration, a wild rush not to be denied, a pressure, an easy landing, or seemingly just avoided altogether. I’ve noticed I can’t actually avoid having a choice occur. In some unpredictable amount of time, and often with a surprising outcome, a choice will be made with me or without me. I believe I am the creator of the movie of my life, so I think I’d prefer to be involved in the major areas of setting the scene, plot, and casting. I would like to be the one sitting in the film editor’s chair, and usually I am.

It can be easy. Recently I attended an unusual event. A Croatian man by the name of Braco (, which is the name he took when he began this work, and which translates to “brother”, offered two days of events in Portland, Oregon. He stands in front of 500 or more folks at a time in an auditorium and looks at them all. Just gazes. In fact, it’s called “the gaze.” For 4-7 minutes. That’s all. I had to travel by air from California, book a hotel room for 2 nights, rent a car, and spend most of the day and into the evening I purchased a ticket for standing in line with strangers for my 4-7 minutes per hour of this man looking at 500 people in a room, of which I was one.

Making the choice to do this was a little odd. It was neither convenient nor inexpensive. I had no proof I would benefit from it. The phenomenon is rather new to our continent so there was little written about it. I didn’t know anyone who had done it to ask. But I chose to go. I suppose I could somehow feel it would be beneficial. The very oddness of someone offering to cross the ocean and organize an event and gaze at me was enough out of the ordinary to get my attention. It felt like a great way to start a new year that ended in “11,” which means “gateway” to me.

I am so grateful I made this choice. I felt so much from the few minutes of this lovely man’s gaze. My heart is healing; I can feel it. I am stronger, calmer, even more optimistic, less easily annoyed or tired. Most of the changes are subtle, and I initially doubted my perceptions, but the changes have been constant now for a week. I am so grateful I made this unlikely choice.

So much of our lives require choices. We are so constantly exhorted to use our time well, make good decisions, conserve resources, not be “taken in by charlatans” that sometimes we can walk right past the miracles sprinkled through our days. When I opened to this opportunity to be gazed upon by a “brother” I had to believe that there was a greater good, a huge blessing, available to me simply by showing up and being seen. Regardless of the doubting voices inside me, I chose to believe in this potential goodness.

When we vision, we allow ourselves to imagine, or “see” possible outcomes. And because we allow ourselves to envision them we give permission to the part of us that creates our reality to includes these scenes in the screenplay we are producing. We can always edit later. Lots of metaphorical scenes can be rewritten, recast, or deleted altogether.

Let’s write our future with the wildest part of our hearts and include a lot of truly wild, off the map, possibility, heartfull hopefulness, and willingness for life to be easier, kinder, sweeter, and grander than we have any right or reason to expect. Perhaps our hearts can heal, we can banish annoyance, have more energy, and be newly inspired, simply because we make the choice to give something unlikely a try, show up, be seen, and we stay out of the how.

I would never have imagined that a “brother” from Croatia would gaze at me for a very few minutes in a crowd of 500 and accomplish so many of my heart’s desires for me in one unlikely day. I am so grateful I made that particular choice, took that particular chance, and invested in possibility at the beginning of my gateway year!

Ask your heart what it longs for, really, off the map, off the charts, out of your mind. Open to the possibility, Write a wild movie. Celebrate your gateway year!

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