Constancy and Community

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 19, 2011

Our Gang


I went to the Dom Ignacio Spiritual Center to investigate and experience the phenomenon of the man they call John of God. I traveled as a spiritual anthropologist-as-participant: carefully observing customs and costumes, cataloging magic, moving in the rhythms, participating in the rituals, experiencing the affects, photographing the scene and setting, interviewing other participants, and keeping good notes.

This John of God world was not entirely unfamiliar to me. I was prepared for the powerful mediumship of Joao de Deus, the spiritual and physical surgeries, the devoted staff of Dom Ignacio, the passionate pilgrims, the high energy, the powerful crystal beds, the magical waterfall. What I wasn’t expecting was my own profound transformation.

As a good spiritual anthropologist, I evaluated the situation and identified the factors I believed responsible: Constancy & Community.

The constancy of the spiritual presence is untranslatable. You have to feel it to believe it. The rate of synchronicities is incalculable. I no sooner identified a need than it was met, odd happenings lead nearly immediately to precious epiphanies in the most uncommon ways, schedules morphed from hour to hour to result in sublime orchestrations, and I saw strangers and knew they would be significant to me. As they appeared over and over again beside me, and we began to meet, this was proven many times. At first I tried to question and doubt, to find logical ‘reasons’ for the magic. The constancy of the tangible events and unusual connections left no room for logic to gain a foothold. My left brain eventually tired of constantly noticing and rejecting all attempts to logically process the tremendous amount of spiritual phenomena, and surrendered from sheer synaptic exhaustion. Some refer to this as a case of ‘Abadiania Brain.’ In legal circles this is called a preponderance of evidence.

I came here a spiritual anthropologist as pilgrim. I am forever changed to a softer, more confident version of myself, with enough proof to… with enough proof.

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