Crystal Beds

by Trinity S. Thomas on July 2, 2011

Crystal Bed Room at Casa Dom Ignacio


When you first arrive at The Casa, you go through the First Time Line to see the entity incoporated in Joao de Deus, or Medium Joao, as he prefers to be known. The entity, whichever one is called into incorporation on your behalf, assesses you. And I mean assesses ALL of you, past lives, most probable future lives, body, mind, spirit, hopes, fears… And based on that assessment, the entity prescribes a next step for you. He may say, “Go sit in my current” or “Come back at 2″ or “Operation” or “2 Crystal Beds.”

The Crystal Beds are located in individual rooms behind the Casa overlooking the valley, next to the Veranda. Each room contains a massage table style bed with an apparatus with several metal arms positioned over it which hold ‘Vogel cut’ crystals through which colored lights pulse into your energy centers, or chakras. This apparatus was created by the entities through John of God and is intended to raise a person’s spiritual energy  through repeated exposure so that the etheric body is strong enough to support the greatest healing possible. Legend has is that the vast number of entities who work with the healing processes at The Casa also work with the Crystal Beds around the world.

The Crystal Bed Sessions are reserved and paid for in the Casa Bookstore, in 20 minute increments, with a maximum of 3 sessions, or one hour, a day. Being me, I misunderstood this directive and thought I could only book 3 in a row, so the first Friday of my visit I had 3 sessions in a row in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. After which I definitely felt over-baked, a little crisp, like an internal, energetic sunburn. 3 sessions a day is the maximum, in a row or not.

I have worked with crystals and healing, energy transformation, since way too long ago to admit. On a Vision Quest to Peru about the same amount of time ago, I was guided to find reversed sceptre quartz clusters in a silver mine, taught how to use them with people, and initiated by the crystal devas as a Crystal Guardian. I have taught crystal healing and crystal guardianship throughout Southern California as well as in Colorado, Texas, and Idaho over the years. So the whole Crystal Bed phenomena was fascinating for me.

Each time I experienced it was quite different. At first I noticed a much too busy, too worrisome, mind, which I pacified by chanting silently and praying for help. It worked quite well, and quickly. I found that I liked to do 3 sessions in a row. Two would do, but not satisfy. Many folks found two in a row to be perfect. And it was recommended to begin with just one.

One of my favorite aspects of The Casa experience is that the miracles come from not only spiritual healing through entities incororated in Medium Joao, but also through my dearly beloved sentient old friends in the Crystal Kingdom. The blend of the two with the background power of nature in this magical place suits me perfectly.

I learned to take care arising from my Crystal Bed Session, as I became a bit soused with the extraordinary energies the colored lights and crystals wove in me. Sometimes I felt distinctly wobbly. So I moved slowly. Took some deep breaths and drank some blessed water before I moved into the garden. I could feel my smile was wider when I left. I wanted nothing more than to sit in the garden and soak in the……energies of the plants, trees, birds, sky, breeze, crystal bedrock, and the emanations from The Casa. I had no need to talk – a miracle in itself!

Sometimes I received intuitive flashes or what even seemed like messages during the Crystal Bed Sessions. I learned to keep a notebook with me at all times in Abadiania, to record the many fleeting impressions and announcements that filled my days. And it seemed the more I listened, honored, and recorded them, the more they came.

The Crystal Bed Sessions were a great support for me in elevating my energy body’s signature. You can ask permission of the Entity in John of God to buy and take a Crystal Bed home with you, for personal or professional use. My favorite ones reside in Port Townsend, Washington and in Ojai, California.

There is a web site to help you locate one so you can experience it for yourself at

NOTE: On my second trip to The Casa I purchased a crystal bed, which is available by appointment. Email me at (Enable Javascript to see the email address) for a reservation.

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