Cultivating “The Void”

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 12, 2010

“The Void is the place of everything, rather than the place of nothing. It is simply formless, but not empty. It can be cultivated.”

My friend Florence and I have the best chats; she inspires me. She was talking to me today about The Void, and I realized it’s something I’ve been noticing in my external world and feeling inside myself. Perhaps that’s really what was at the root of my feeling such a profound need to make time for myself to dream – a need to be still and allow myself time to relate to The Void.

Cave of Pan, Mt. Parnassus, Greece

My automatic thought about The Void was that it is a profound emptiness, and when I am feeling The Void place in my life I can feel so still and so undefined I do feel very empty. When my environment is in Void Mode things don’t get done on schedule and plans change, a lot. There’s less communication between just about everyone and it can seem like my reality has been “paused.” But when I ponder into feeling the archetypal Void itself it doesn’t seem empty, it seems full. More full than form. Teeming, actually, although I’m not sure I want to assign words to what it’s teeming with. It feels pre-form in addition to feeling more full than form. Perhaps because form intrinsically limits possibilities and potentials simply in the process of coming into form!

I find a correspondence here to the work I do with Sound. I use crystal bowls and vocal toning in my work with clients and personally to refresh myself, to set intention, to create boundaries, to unleash creativity. I have noticed that the silence in between the sounds feels more full than the sounds themselves. Perhaps it is a similar dynamic at work, that the silence is The Void and holds all potentials. When the silence is translated into sound, it is limited to just that sound, and all the other sounds contained within the silence are unheard, until they are given voice, chosen, and allowed to form.

I find myself longing for The Void in me, the place where everything still is possible, unchosen, undiscarded, unlimited, undefined. I am not certain how to access it. I know it is an inner place, and I’m less familiar with the geography there. I may need a different set of senses to locate it. Perhaps it can be entered through the place in between thoughts I feel when I meditate, or the edge of consciousness I know as I fall asleep and come awake, or the way I feel when I hold a newborn baby. I am fairly certain that it is the raw, primal place that sources me.

I am beginning to understand that The Void is the place of everything, rather than the place of nothing. It is simply formless, but not empty – able to provide the energy for every and any form or outcome. An unfamiliar place. A powerful place to know and be. It is entered from some mysterious place within me, within us. I shall be away for a while locating and cultivating my relationship with The Void, and will send postcards.

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