Dancing with the Spirits of John of God

by Trinity S. Thomas on April 10, 2012

Joanna's Guardian


My plans were simple. Dinner with a new friend and a good night’s sleep. I can hear God laughing as I write this.

As I walked to meet my friend for our pre-dinner acai, she waved to me from across the street and told me the hotels near her home were burning fires and emitting toxic smoke. So we took a few moments for her to hire someone to douse the fires with buckets of water. Then we headed for our acai.

Acai is made from a berry, and I am convinced the acai in Brazil is just NOT the same as in the States. If you combine it with passion flower creme, or maracuja crema, it is definitely in the running for nectar of the Goddess in my book! So we feasted, then adjourned to her amazing home where she had prepared a delectable feast for us of all things good, including amaranth (which is similar to, but much better than, grits!) and a salad dressing of tahini and a few other delicious things.

On the way to her house, down a side street in the ‘bubble of Abadiania’, I took a few late photos of a sunset, twilight, really. The sunsets here manage to convey an energy with their streams of light and color that I can actually feel, so I have lots of photos in hopes the photos also convey some of the feelings. As happens here, there was an anomaly on the left side of one photo, near the door to her home in the wall, that I have learned indicates the presence of spiritiual energy. See it above this post. Just more Sacred Proof (link here) in this place of miracles.

Our conversation was never about anything ordinary, which I SO appreciate about her! And we talked long into the night, with amazing music in the background. I love the soul family I encounter here! It’s quite alluring.

Then it was time to find some way to connect with my so called reality, my home in the States, my adorable husband. My wonderful new cottage that I moved into just this afternoon does not have easy connectivity. It also has AMAZING spiritual presence and energy. I suspect the two are related!

Abadiania Moonrise April 2012

On my way there I was entranced by a rising almost-full-moon on my short walk around the corner of the main drag. The moon in Abidiania looks, or maybe looks-and-speaks-and-feels, so much more mystical to me than it does anywhere else in the world. Well, except for Avalon, but that’s another topic and another chronicle.

So I stopped by the famous “Fruittis” to call home on a land line. Even that was not working very well. Hmmmm. I was definitely beginning to get the idea that the spirits were wanting me still to interact with me. It is the last few days of my visit, after all. So I headed to my new home away from home, also known as Connie’s Cottage.

Almost immediately when I got in the door and sat on the bed to take my shoes off and get organized for going to bed, it hit me. A Star Trek tractor beam? Felt like I imagine one would! Also a little like the spiritual anesthesia I feel when I have spiritual surgeries at The Casa de Dom Ignacio. I was dizzy, then immobilized, sitting up, leaning on my forearms. Very happily so! I managed to look at my watch. 10:53 pm. I moved in and out and through various levels of consciousness, but I have no memory of the experience other than that. I was flooded with a sense of great well-beingness. My heart was so light. It was a timeless interlude. At 11:29 I looked at my watch again. I was still moving slowly, but clearly out of the beam.

Sleep came easily last night and lasted until dawn. Then, since I did not get out of bed, I drifted until it was too late for breakfast, wrote a little, and headed out to The Casa for my crystal lamp session at 11:10, arriving of course at 11:11! On the way, my favorite translator, Venesius, stopped to give me a hug and a kiss.

The room was noisy. Some man was speaking loudly in Portuguese just outside the window. So frustrating. What to do? “Make earplugs!” I heard. The paper sheet on the massage table is fresh for each pilgrim. I ripped two earplug sized pieces and jammed them in my ears. It created just enough quiet for me to slip into the energy of the crystal lamp experience.

I felt a ‘surgery’ in my left shoulder! Like a hot poker as I lay still on the bed. Then energy running down my arm. Tears in my eyes. Yet another spontaneous healing from the doctors of The Casa. Like the one in my hammock days ago. I felt a slight electrical current in my right leg. Maybe grounding the experience. What I trust the most is how my heart feels when these things happen. I felt grateful and deeply peaceful.

What I have just described is a fairly typical day here. Friends, treatments, intersections with another dimension, email, acai, and deep sleep. Great walks. I chronicle these times because they fade in memory.

These ordinary days are not like the ordinary days in my other reality, home in the States. But while I am here living these days, they feel as completely ordinary as any I have lived. And these days are recognized as ordinary by my companions, who are experiencing their version of similar experiences right along with me. Thank goodness for the ability to communicate in the moment about these intersections of realities. And for the ability to chronicle them, live, with the ‘juice’ fresh and flowing, present and loud.

I just absolutely love dancing with the spirits of John of God.

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