Discovery and Distraction

by Trinity S. Thomas on May 2, 2011

Discovery and distraction - Trinity S. Thomas

I was reading recently about Robert Redford’s making of his movie about the Watergate tapes in the Nixon era, and one of his remarks stood out so much for me. It was his comment about how he found some folks, in the making of the movie, became distracted when chaos struck, rather than going into a process of discovery. He had to replace a director and some other personnel because they couldn’t go deep with the themes to bring the story together. At first it made no sense to me. I pondered it for a while, back and forth, because I could feel its power even before I understood it. Discovery and Distraction.

In finding a heart’s desire to Vision, we stand on a precipice. The power of the belief that we can have what we desire, and create what we desire, and perhaps even know what we really desire in our hearts, is unlimited. We are taught in so many overt and covert ways that we are power-less. So the reality that we are power-full can be a little intimidating. One way to back up from power, one way to walk away, to take a side trip, to avoid the power of creation, is to distract ourselves. It removes our focus and takes us out of what we are feeling, and keeps us paddling around in circles on the surface of our selves.

It seems to me that our entire culture is designed to distract us from our deep inner places, our authentic power to create what our hearts desire. (I suppose we would be much less predictable or controllable if we were in touch with not only our heart’s desire but even more in our ability to create.) We have long lists of things to do, longer lists of things we “should” do, think, feel, desire, be…. And all of these are distractions from the inner depths where our real selves, our hearts’ desires, our creative abilities, lie.

It’s as if there is so much splashing around on the surface, we never get to dive into the well where the real treasure is.

Visioning will cut through our distractions and take us to the depths of our authentic selves where we will know our heart’s desires. Visioning will also re-unite us with our power to create a life full of our heart’s desires. It’s a stair-stepping process of discovery. We are worth whatever it takes to dive past the surface and remember our treasure.

In the moments when I feel overwhelmed, I am often remembering to look with new eyes and see the distractions all around me clamoring for my attention. Just realizing what they are helps so much. And more every week I am able to create moments when I can dive past the splashing on the surface into the deep well of my being and discover my heart’s desires.

Knowing what I desire is the first step of discovery. Learning, or remembering, how to create them in my life comes next.

Happy diving! Trinity

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