Rising on Easter at John of God

by Trinity S. Thomas on April 8, 2012

Writing in the Garden, Easter 2012


Easter and Passover at John of God 2012!

An unusually strong energy field fills the town today. It began for me just after midnight with predictable fireworks and partying in the houses nearby. I have grown to be nourished by these sounds, allowing them to flow through me rather than to distract.

I felt the beings come into my bedroom as soon as I turned out my light and closed my eyes. I could see the lights going through the room from behind my eyelids. They looked the same when I opened them. These odd sensory events are becoming more frequent, and they comfort me profoundly. They are my Sacred Proof (link here).

In addition to moving lights, my bed starts to vibrate when the beings arrive. When I have not yet darkened the room and closed my eyes, I often feel electrical currents in my legs, sharp ones. If I’m being unusually stubborn (because I am loving a book I’m reading), my legs will cramp in ways and places they do not cramp at any other time. There’s really no mistaking this tangible evidence, which is great. My intellect cannot analyze it out of existence.

Last night, or really early this morning, was an unusually strong session of all of the above. So I sort of knew today might be quite interesting. I slept til the last possible moment, arriving at my scheduled crystal bath session 3 minutes late. As I walked onto the grounds of the Casa de Dom Ignacio, Easter Sunday service was in full swing, with the congregation singing a verse of Amazing Grace. The first words I heard were one of my favorite lines: “When we’ve been here 10,000 years, still shining like the sun, there’s no less days to sing God’s praise than when we first begun.” I always thought that line was such a great tribute to the truth of reincarnation which, oddly, was the subject of a great conversations with my new friend Heather last eve. No lack of Sign Language on this morning! I felt embraced and bolstered and welcomed all at once.

On to the crystal bath session in my historically favorite room, Number 3 of course, the one Oprah was in earlier in my visit. I was still vibrating from my energetic overnight as I lay down and settled in. Immediately I felt touched on my legs. Apparently the legs are really key to the work I’m doing lately. Mostly on the right one, the front of my calf and my knee. I could actually feel pressure, like a hand gently laying there, and the fabric moved! Quite a lot. Loved it. No electrical surges or cramps, just presence and tenderness, two of my favorite things.

I drifted, as one does, with the energies. At some point I felt something touching the front of my heart. Moving the fabric of my shirt. I remembered my friend Amy Martin, (who traveled here with me last June and was just married here on this trip, becoming Mrs. Koch) saying that at one point she felt her heart become liquid, and form again, several times. I knew when i heard that that she was being healed. Remembering it, I opened more to my own heart’s healing.

I have been praying fervently, since before I first visited the Casa de Dom Ignacio last June, for healing of my heart. Not just my physical heart, with the small congenital heart murmur. But to have the pain taken out of my heart, any anger, bitterness, or self-flagellation of any sort. To have painful karmic residue removed through grace so that I could be the love I know I am meant to be. I had even had a remarkable experience while I was in Ojai for a crystal bath session where Spriit SO received my message that it said back to me that what I was asking was “Make me a Temple of your love.” As I wrote at the time, I felt so very Found in Translation! So the heartwork continues. Since our Inner Oracle is rooted in our human hearts, this makes gorgeous sense to me.

I realized, finally, as this work continued, that my Mother, who passed on in 2010, was with me. I had invited her several times during my trip, most powerfully in Good Friday’s Casa current. I could almost see her there with me. I began receiving inspiration about the book I’m writing about our Inner Oracle. About how some moments can hold enough grace to shift a pattern, how that is infused from the spirit realm, and a few sound bytes to consider using. She felt proud to be involved in the delivery of the inspiration, and I was profoundly grateful and pleased to commune with her in this way.

Rare Green Crystal

I felt so FULL of inspiration and so grateful as I surfed the waves of energy, moving in and out of consciousness for my allotted hour. When the session was complete I sat on my favorite garden bench and wrote up my notes, drank in the birdsong, basked in the sunlight and breezes, and listened deeply.

Cruising by the Casa Bookstore I found a rare green crystal that called to me, bought some blessed water, and headed back to my amazing garden room and keyboard.

Easter means rising from the dead to me. When I am tangibly touched by Spirit, receive Sacred Proof, know my heart is healing, am visited by my my deceased Mother, and am showered with new downloads about my book, I definitely rise!

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