Equation of Extraordinary Power and Hope

by Trinity S. Thomas on November 22, 2010

“My heart is moved by all I cannot save:
so much has been destroyed.
I have to cast my lot with those
who age after age, perversely,
With no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world.”
—Adrienne Rich

“Why is visioning so important to you,” I was recently asked. “Out of all the many tools you’ve acquired, all the many topics you have written and taught about, why Visioning?”

It’s the accessibility as much as the power. Anyone can do it. In fact, we all Vision all the time. We worry something bad will happen, to us, to our children, to our health or jobs, to our planet. That’s a type of Visioning, but it’s destructive rather than creative. That type of Visioning is “Worry Visioning,” or “positive thinking in reverse,” as Norman Vincent Peale would say.

Positive Visioning is equally accessible, takes no more skill or effort, and delivers what we do want rather than what we don’t want. I believe it IS an extraordinary power, if a somewhat forgotten one. It goes back to my frequent theme of inner vs. outer authority.

We accidentally take in and on reflections of reality from our outer world and give them authority over what we imagine, expect, and really want. Often these images incite fear in us. It might be great to read less news, watch less television, get in touch with our hearts, and Vision our world more. We need time to get in touch with our own authentic stories of extraordinary power, hope, and sufficiency, and re-source ourselves from within. To pay attention and make a choice and Vision the world we’d like to have…

Cultivation will be required to divert our Visioning assets from worry to creation. We can only harvest what we plant. Like any bad habit we’ve identified, we can change our behavior by deciding to, and taking action. We’ll have to be more present, more conscious, more in touch with ourselves and less reactive or on automatic pilot. We’ll have to make some consistent choices until being positive and creative have become a habit, and we customarily Vision Our World.

For example, when we feel a pain, we might respond with curiosity and reassurance rather than worry. Rather than analyzing what diagnosis might be applied, we can be gently curious about what the message of the pain is, did we strain a muscle, are we really allergic to gluten, do we need more water, should we rest a moment? And we can give reassurance to ourselves that we and our bodies are in this thing called life together, we are paying attention, and we’ll figure it out and all is well. We can Vision the pain subsiding, ourselves taking corrective action, and radiant health resulting.

Eventually these new conscious choices will become habitual and suddenly our world will look different. Because we have Visioned a new world. The very idea of it gives me hope!

Through the ages, regardless of what has appeared to be lost or destroyed, the world has carried on, propelled by those who continued to habitually Vision it as restoring, replenishing, and reconstituting itself again and again. These beings were hope-in-action.

Visioning is at once no extraordinary power, and accessible to everyone, in every moment and also completely extraordinary in what it can accomplish. As we remember to tap and employ this power from a place of presence, we naturally create what we intend to out of our choices and our Vision.

That’s why Visioning is so important to me. It’s our natural heritage, accessible to everyone, and powerful. It’s not some abracadabra sort of magic. It’s an equation we can duplicate. Presence + Choice + Visioning = Hope = A New World.

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