Equinox House Call

by Trinity S. Thomas on March 20, 2012


Equinox Reading Desk

I’ve always loved the Spring Equinox, perhaps because it comes just before my birthday and signals the end of winter. This Equinox I am in Abadiana, Brazil, attending the Casa de Dom Ignacio, also known as the province of John of God. I’ve been here a week today.

Yesterday I spent mostly alone for 3 meals, a crystal lamp session, a veranda sit at The Casa, and lots of time praying with the Sacred Triangle. I had acai pudding for dinner – I can feel it healing my digestion. The rain was kind to me, reducing its ferocity when I needed to walk long distances. The road to my rented house became a red river, complete with white water. I had a lot think about.

The spirit doctors let me see them last night, more profoundly than before. I noticed as I was falling asleep that there were lights to my right, which was close to a wall, as well as lights in front of me. First I felt a gentle touch on my right arm. As I would do when beginning an energy session with a client. Just a greeting touch.

I decided I was ready to see them clearly. So first i opened my inner vision (I’m learning I have to open it consciously). I noticed a tall, moving energy to my right and a smaller energy on the center of my abdomen. Checking in with my emotional self, I felt honored, attended to, curious, and a little excited.

I opened my eyes. The room was dimly lit by an outdoor light that stays on all night shining through the two windows. The tall, moving energy to my right was about six feet tall and the same green color I associate with elemental nature spirits. Curved waves of green energy came toward me from this energy. It felt like a sentient being with a powerful benevolent presence.

I asked the being (silently) for permission to observe and noticed my request interrupted the energy flow just momentarily. Somehow it was very clear that permission was granted. I felt a thrill go through me as I settled down to watch and notice and feel and remember in every way I could. As the green waves passed over me rhythmically, I heard (silently) the words “magnetic passes.’ I had read and been told that these are a treatment used by the spirit healers. I could not feel the energy; I had no physical response, not heat or cold or pressure. As I just wrote this I heard (silently) ‘spiritual anesthesia.’ I am familiar with this term from the non-physical surgeries I have experienced at The Casa. The magnetic passes seemed consistent in rhythm and color.

I turned my attention to the energy on my abdomen, which I also could not feel. It looked darker, felt mechanical, was vaguely square or oblong, and had whirling white lights on the corners. Actually they were circular flashing white light streams on each side, intermittently. No discernible rhythm. It was a low form, centered over the middle of my abdomen just below my breasts. This device seemed to be clearing debris from me. I imagined that the lights were transmuting energy.

The spirit doctors were making a house call.

At that point I could feel that my permission to observe was ending. I now wonder if my mental analysis interrupted the process. I heard ‘sleep now.’ And I did.

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