Faith Healing

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 11, 2011

Faith Healing Flower


I have considered myself ‘a believer’ for most of my life. I think of myself as having quite a bit of faith. Despite all of that, coming to John of God’s Casa has been the most profound faith healing experience of my life. And I don’t mean the faith healing he performs in eradicating the physical and mental illness of the pilgrims who journey here, or the visible ‘operations’ that sometimes occur, complete with scalpel and blood. I mean the healing of my own faith in the spiritual dimension, and its ability to intersect with our own reality to create literal miracles. Being here is healing my faith in everything I most hope is true.

I experienced my first Spiritual Intervention last Wednesday. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘an invisible operation.’ I received surgery from spirit doctors in the Casa. I was given recovery instructions, and I went back to my Pousada and fell into a deep, anesthetic-like sleep for nearly a full day. Someone brought me meals that I almost remember. I cannot go outside in full sun for a week, and I have to be careful not to lift heavy things, or to walk too far or fast. Being me, I did a little, just a tiny bit, of all of it, and could feel that the changes inside me were stressed. I feel places inside me that tell me something really big has happened. I am healing well physically, and am deeply grateful.

Even more importantly, my faith is healing. And next week, I’ll present myself to the beings working through John of God again, welcome their spiritual intervention, and follow their recommendations. Which will probably include another day of sleep.

I am so grateful to be in a place of so much unconditional love, real miracles, and tangible faith. One might even say I am accumulating proof. Of everything I would most wish to have proof of, in my own mind and body.

Stay tuned for Tales from the Sacred Waterfall!

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