Found in Translation!

by Trinity S. Thomas on September 13, 2011

Deb Court's Sacred Triangle, Ojai, CA


The Sacred Triangle at the John of God Casa de Dom Ignacio in Brazil, was one of the more unlikely experiences for me in John of God Land. A simple triangle of wood functions as a portal to the Divine Intelligence there. I experienced it several times, and became accustomed to its magic.

My friend Deb Court, who is my guide to John of God, offers sessions with a John of God crystal bed in her Ojai, California home. When my husband and I attended the inaugural session of her John of God meditation group there in September 2011, we also made appointments to experience her crystal bed.

I was having my second crystal bed session in two days. Before the actual session, I wrote out my prayers to place in her Sacred Triangle. There were many – several lines of prayers:  for my own heart to open, my mind to clear, direct connection to Divinity, forgiveness of myself and others, success in the teaching and consulting work I do, more love that will be well and easily received by my extended family, clarity on next steps, letting go of history and fear, capacity to serve well, a purification of my own personal nature….. all the good stuff!

I placed my arms on the Triangle’s sides and touched my forehead to the center, as I had learned to do. I felt my head go IN, like it did in Brazil. I felt my prayers vibrate through me, felt tears coursing down my cheeks, felt heat radiating from my heart. After a few moments of just reveling in the feeling of being in an inner dimension of prayer, I heard, “Make Me a Temple of Your Love.” This message, which was as much a felt sense as a communication, clearly came from some Divine Intelligence beyond the Triangle, within the portal. Like the Indian kirtan call-and-response singing, as I had been praying the Triangle, the Triangle had prayed me!

This experience provided more of what I call “Sacred Proof.” Proof that you can feel, that you recognize as non-ordinary, and in this case proof that the Sacred Triangles ‘work’ in other locations! I am establishing one in my own home, immediately. Just one more demonstration of the non-locality of John of God’s ‘magic.’

One of my constant themes is that the spiritual realm is available in any moment, closer than one might think. We are surrounded, embraced, by literal legions of benevolent, intelligent light forms awaiting our invitation to support us, inform us, uplift and restore us, in every way. The place where we connect with this Divine Intelligence, or messages from other sentient life, the past, future, or alternate potentials, or anything else from the quantum field, is the place I refer to as Our Inner Oracle.

I was given a new experience through the Sacred Triangle portal, a felt sense of not only being truly heard by God/Goddess and his/her emissaries, but of being divinely translated and given an immediate response! After so many decades of praying and often feeling unheard or lost in translation, the Divine Intelligence within or beyond the Sacred Triangle translated my prayers, immediately distilled and delivered them back to me in one powerful, focused, sound byte of intention.

I feel so very Found in Translation!

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