Good Friday at ‘Summer Camp for Mediums’

by Trinity S. Thomas on April 6, 2012


The Neon Angel of Aba

It was at age 7 in Summer Camp that I was taught to tell time from the inside out. We were all asked to do an experiment at our wonderful YMCA camp by the sea. We were informed that we actually could know in any moment exactly what time it was. No clocks, no watches. Just knowing. It was so easy for me. And such a relief, to be given permission to contact that place of reliable, instantaneous inner knowing. What I now call our Inner Oracle. Being in a crowd of children all discovering their abilities at the same time was unbelievably precious to my seven year old self. It gave me hope at a time when I most needed it.

Second grade was a struggle for me. It was the math. I had loved first grade, learning to read, opening the world so wide through books. I felt set free on a sea of stories and knowledge so vast it felt unlimited. Second grade brought math. I know now that I am most comfortable in my right brain, and not so much in the left, the realm of math. But then I just suffered.

I was to learn later that suffering, while optional, can be useful. In my second grade experience, math forced me into trance, into imagination, into astral travel. My need to escape it was so great that I sprung myself free with old, familiar abilities. It felt like pure survival to me. And survival often propels us into farther reaches of ourselves. These themes come easily to me at Easter time.

Summer Camp for Mediums

Here in Abadiania, at what I think of as ‘Summer Camp for Mediums’, we gather to share our stories as we experience firsthand a place where inner knowing is not only permitted, but augmented and celebrated by the convergence of natural and spiritual energies in a half century tradition led by Joao de Deus. Our stories are full of a kaleidoscope of ways of adapting to suffering and survival by drawing our innate, although sometimes dormant, magnificence forward into now. We tell time as well as truth from the inside out.

It’s an oft’ repeated theme that our planet, our cultures, our countries are in crisis now. So much media floods us on the topic that we almost tune it out, as background noise. They say here, that “if you are alive and breathing you are a medium.” I have long said that if you are alive and breathing, you are an Oracle. I am learning and remembering that these words refer to the same place in us, and the same consciousness processes, translated from different cultures. Mediumship and Oracle abilities both center in the heart, partner with the Divine, and engage the quantum field our physicists love to write about.  All information is available, at all times, to all of us. It can bring a lot to think about, or to ‘sort’ as my Aussie friends say. Inner knowing sources Inner Authority. No wonder this behavior is discouraged! The story of the avatar we know as Jesus Christ is a familiar example!

Imagine if we all knew the truest truth in every moment about everything. How very unmanageable we would be! Perhpas that is related to why the Council of Nicea removed the concept of reincarnation from the Gospel in the 3rd century or why various priestesses were excised from biblical texts. Or why the food supply contains chemicals which block our intuitive signals or why so many energies flood our air from electronic devices, jamming our natural cycles and knowings. To allow management. Of? By?

But it doesn’t matter today, or this week, at all. It is a very, very Good Friday here at Summer Camp for Mediums. Where I can tell time and truth and other interesting things without a watch or compass or interpretive news media. Aloud, safely, to soul friends, who seem to have traveled through time with me.

I walk with my friends to worship, to pray, to meditate. I eat healthy food. I indulge my passion for acai pudding. We share smiles and stories. Creative surges flourish as plans are begun. I sleep deeply and take good notes. Discarnate helpers visit me night and day. I’m getting better at seeing and hearing them.

Our mediumship is being cultivated – our Inner Oracles are honored and active. We are basking in this mix of spiritual and natural nourishment. Being in a crowd of humans all giving permission to reclaim their innate abilities is so incredibly precious. It gives me hope. For myself and for my world. At a time when we most need it.

Perhaps to survive we will need to access ancient abilities in ourselves. To thrive we may need to come together more profoundly in communities. Perhaps we require quiet time to get to know ourselves and each other, to access unlimited realms of brilliance for new perspectives and solutions. We may need to rest and play. I find my sourcing in this amazing Summer Camp for Mediums (Oracles) in Abadiania, Brazil. Read more posts to join me here!

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