Gunshots and Trust

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 5, 2011


Luz Divina Room Trip 1

Room at the Edge, Luz Divina

It was my second night in John of God Land and I was up late, making notes of so many things: happenings, feelings, lists of requests of various sorts of assistance, lists of forgiveness to give and get, things to get done. Finally, well after midnight (it is suggested that lights out be no later than 10 pm, as that is when the spirit doctors begin work for each person), I turned off my light and lay on my back to go to sleep, being careful not to cross my arms or legs (to allow the energy to run clearly.)

I heard gunshots in the distance. I had heard gunshots in the distance before, growing up in the city and visiting the family ranch. On television and in movies. In Peru when I journeyed there to find ‘my’ healing crystals and a revolution broke out at the post office across the street from the Lima Hilton – etched in my mind forever. The sounds were familiar. As they continued randomly, they seemed to be definitely getting closer. Suddenly lots of lights went on in the courtyard.

I was afraid. I was staying in the room nearest the unsecured fence by the open space that went to the freeway. “Safer in or out?” I wondered. It was a bit of a dash to get to my guide’s room, down long open stairway and through a big open courtyard. Hmmmmm. I definitely hadn’t seen this coming!

As I lay there I pondered why this would be happening, what sort of sign it was, Sign Language style. It felt like a bit of a test. Trust or fear? A chance to choose. As I breathed deeply and calmed down, putting my history with gunshots aside, I realized I did not feel at risk. I demanded guidance through my Inner Oracle from The Casa energies and heard a distinct message not to leave my room. Then a message to go to sleep! As if! With gunshots going off, the lights in the courtyard on super bright, in a foreign country!

Logic told me that I was no match for Brazilians with guns. And that there were no alarmed staff banging on my door to tell me to move to a more secure area. And perhaps more significantly, none of the guests in the rooms near mine were stirring. “So perhaps this is the custom in Abadania”, I thought. Funny no one had mentioned it.

I found my earplugs, used them, and somehow, amazingly, managed to fall asleep.

At breakfast there was a lively discussion about the Brazilian love of fireworks, Medium Joao’s upcoming birthday and the fireworks show planned, the sound activated lights, and the need for earplugs to sleep.

I realized I had passed yet another Pop Quiz! In this case, trust was appropriate, my senses were faulty, and my history colored my perception. Fireworks.

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