Homeopathic for Moving Too Much

by Trinity S. Thomas on April 12, 2012


I’ve been in Abadiania dancing with the spirits of the John of God Casa for nearly five weeks now, almost twice as long as I originally intended when I booked airline tickets and hotel rooms. So it should come as no surprise to me that in the last week I am having to change rooms. In this case, I am changing from a large house to a cottage associated with a pousada (the name for hotels here) 10 blocks away. So I must pack up EVERYTHING and hire a cab to take me to my new location. I can feel the spirits swirling as I leave the house known as Casa de Lee and head to Connie and Daniel’s house. I lug all my things in, re-arrange the furniture a bit, and set everything up, toiletries in the bath, clothes in the armoire, crystals out. I lie on the bed to recuperate for a while. And realize the spirits want me back at the other house! No idea WHY, of course. In this reality I often am only privy to the WHAT’s, not the WHY’s of a situation. I resist, briefly. It’s predictably futile.

So I arrange for  a cab in an hour, re-pack everything, send my love into the space in gratitude, and return to Casa de Lee. And unpack, and set up, and collapse. All of this is accomplished in 98 degree heat and high humidity in the middle of the day. There is no a/c  in Abadiania!

Two days later it becomes apparent that I will need to move again. It’s not immediately known where I will be going, only that I cannot stay any longer where I am. Hmmmmm. It takes a bit of extra effort to communicate these details with no cell phones. Lots of walking and hoping to catch someone in. More ‘real’ than life in the States. Perhaps that’s part of the ‘cure’…

After several conversations it is arranged that I will return to Connie and Daniel’s house. I am relieved. It will be great to finish up 5 weeks with their cottage. The portal just outside the main door is very active, sweet, healing, and inviting. The hammocks are wonderful. It’s close to lots of places I go. So once again, pack up, call a cab, truck everything in, set up, and collapse. In the heat of course. Light rain. Once everything is in, I headed out for a reward of some acai pudding….amazing Brazilian healing pudding I crave.

As I am hanging out at Fruitti’s with my acai treat, it occurs to me that all this moving is bringing up a lot of the feelings I have had over the past decade or more, moving about the country 9 times in 12 years. The move to and from and to Connie and Daniel’s house is a bit like moving from Denver to OKC and back in 6 months’ time, or California to Denver and back in two years’ time. Hmmmm. I consciously invite the trauma from all the moving to be lifted out and replaced with acceptance. With appreciation for whatever the movement allowed and contributed. And I feel my body relax more deeply. I will be leaving for home in two days time, so this revelation is perfect. I am so happy to have had the experiences here to allow me to release this deep trauma!

After a walk to The Casa and some more Sacred Triangle work, I amble home to my new location, looking forward to some hammock time and starlight. Only to discover that I will be moving again tomorrow! And that it is not certain where I will be going! Perhaps I will be sharing a local house with the innkeeper and two of  my favorite cats! Yet to be revealed.

I walk over to my favorite pousada, Luz Divina, and inquire about my lodging. I will be staying there. I will need to pack tonight, move my luggage and clothes over before The Casa services early the next morning, and unpack during the lunch break, to leave for home the following day! WOW. Quite a bit of stress for me, on my last day or two, and quite a bit of time taken up with all this packing and unpacking! ARGH! Found another layer of reaction, resistance, resentment! I’ll take some hammock time, after I pack up….

As so often happens in the hammocks, I go into another realm, only realizing when I return that I have been altered and assisted in moving through internal blocks. I ‘come back’ refreshed. I realize these moves, these difficulties, this not knowing where I will be with all the packing and unpacking, are acting as a homeopathic to neutralize my trauma from the decade of relocations in the States. I can feel it all flowing out of me still. Wow.

It’s night time and I want to sleep. I lie flat on my back, arms and legs uncrossed, close my eyes and feel the energies surround me. I am having a ‘spirit surgery’ - and I have to move again early tomorrow! You are not supposed to exert yourself after a surgery. Hmmmm. I will have to tell the innkeeper I must have help  moving. OK. I feel the energies take me ‘out.’

This morning I had all my things moved before the Casa time. At lunch they were all put in my room, suitcases on the second bed as I had requested, water jug on the desk, as I must not lift heavy things today. Clothes hung up. All taken care of. I am taken care of. Exhale.

As I spend time in this new room, I miss the little house with the hammocks and portal. The dining room is noisy. There isn’t much breeze. Why am I here? I fall into a light sleep and the energies come, soothing, rearranging my emotions somehow. I am shown quite a bit about the need for me to move about the country for a decade. I am shown quite a bit about what has cleared from me in these 5 weeks. I am given a new energy in my heart. I am filled with love for this room, this pousada, this town, this life.

The homeopathic for moving has worked. Just another miracle at The Casa de Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiania. I am taken care of. Exhale.


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