How to Save the World

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 6, 2010

Save some time to dream
Save some time for yourself
Don’t let your time slip away
Or be stolen by somebody else

Save some time to dream
‘Cause your dream could save us all
—– John Mellencamp

In my humble opinion, we need to dream more, every day, as a priority! We need to dream to recover our Vision. It is actually a need, and deserves to be put on all official Hierarchy of Needs lists!

I do realize I have a tendency to sound a bit like a Visionary Missionary. Visioning is such a passport into new potentials for me, into dreaming a new world. It’s how I manifest realizations, new aspects, and improved conditions of my own life. I Vision to get in touch with my own authenticness. I no longer have any interest in living life from the outside in, according to my own or anyone else’s preconceptions or expectations. I adore the richness of the practice of staying in a place of presence inside myself where I am willing not to know, willing to just allow myself to dream even if it doesn’t feel responsible, “get the job done”, or always make total sense to me in the moment. That’s where I find innovation, revelation, and hope.

It requires me to create space and time for myself to just be, to reflect, to wander and to wonder. I am cultivating the art of a soft focus. I have to love myself a lot to make my own needs a priority over all the calls on my time. The progression I’ve been noticing in my schedule goes like this: Love myself. Check. Be dreamy. Check. Vision (as a verb). Check. Implement something, even a cup of green tea. Check. OR Begin again prior to implementing anything other than loving myself and dreaming.

Doesn’t sound like it fits well into the familiar daily To Do’s, does it? That’s why it has to come first, before….anything else. Even if it means I have to arise very early – not easy for me. But worth it. I’m worth it. It’s time to get dreaming, Visioning, on the agenda. Visioning creates a bridge to liminal realms where forgotten and innovative answers, strategies, and perspectives live, waiting for us to access them. To save our world.

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