Surgery Theatre

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 19, 2011

Casa Sign


One of the most visibly dramatic events here in John of God Land is a physical surgery, when the spirit doctors guide Medium Joao’s hands as he cuts open patients’ bodies with a scalpel and actually performs surgery, often removing pieces of flesh or tumors. No physical anesthetic is used. The physical surgeries are by far the most famous aspect of The Casa.

We were previously treated to a video of Medium Joao operating on himself, and a video of him operating blindfolded, so when the physical surgeries began it didn’t feel shocking.

We were waiting in the great room for our line to be called, whether first time to see the entity, second (or third or twentieth, all called second) time to see the entity, spirit surgery, or revision of spirit surgery; we all wait together and the order varies by the day. The call went out for those who desired a physical surgery. Only those under the age of 52 are eligible, so I had no decision to make. Several people asked for the surgery.

One by one Medium Joao stood them up against the wall and used a scalpel to scrape their eyes, inserted forceps up their nose, or cut into their abdomen to remove something. They obviously felt no pain. After the surgery they were taken away in a wheelchair to the infirmary. The operations are very quick, the hands are very sure, the patients are very anesthetized by the spirits.

I was amazed at how matter-of-fact it all was, as if a dentist was demonstrating to a school of dental students how one efficiently removes a tooth on the spot without a clinic. I was able to stand on a bench and witness two entire surgeries and part of a third.

The most dramatic thing about the entire demonstration was the lack of drama.

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