Inception Musings

by Trinity S. Thomas on September 10, 2010

Let's Begin - Inception

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Leonardo di Caprio recently starred in a film by the name of “Inception.” It took us on a spin through reality, projections, architecture of the mind, memories, signs and signals, choices, and dream potentials unlike any movie before. This film gave a face to quantum physics, answering questions while it asked them and then turning back on itself to make you question the answers themselves. There were dreams within dreams within dreams. People dreaming within other people’s dreams. And in the end, it was all left to individual interpretation. And choice.

That’s a bit like building a vision board or doing a visioning process. First, stillness, inner stillness. Center your breath in your heart. What is calling you? What do you feel? Which is different from “what do you think?” Even different from “what do you want?” Let the great liminal horizon bubble forth long lost longings and unrecognized dreams and things with no proper sense or syntax much less punctuation! through any means available. Catch them as they fly by, and jot a note, because chances are these deep realms won’t inscribe clear memories in your conscious mind for you. Trust yourself to see and feel and grab and know what matters most. You are the creator. You are the architect of your own dreams. You can always wake up, walk away, and start again. Choose imagery, phrases, colors, textures, shapes, arrangements. Then feeeeeel them. Just try it. I didn’t believe it, either! Feel them.

The first time I created a vision board, I had nearly completed it when I somehow managed to spill an almost full glass of water all over it! Imagine the shrieks! “Hmmmm,” I said. Water indicates emotion. Flow. Cleansing. Transformation. I walked away for an hour or so and when I returned I could feeeeel that some rearranging was in order. It turned out to be quite a bit of rearranging. Some images never made it back on the board. I went looking for a couple of new quotes. I decided to use less images altogether. I pondered and walked away and said “hmmmmm” and “how did I miss that?” a lot. And in the end it was perfect. I could feeeeel its perfection. It was significantly different than before the “accidental” splash.

“Inception” gave me a lot to think about. About the element of time as it relates to creation, to creativity. That it can stretch out or seem to collapse on itself. That it takes the time it takes and may not fit into a pre-determined schedule. I’m happy to conclude I have all the time in the world. And Inception also caused me to wonder about the intersections of far different realities required to create a stable dream, one that functions well under pressure. That one is ongoing!

We humans function so vastly, internally, even reaching out into space with the very energies of our beings. While we make a sandwich for a school lunch or design a new ad campaign, paint a portrait or perform brain surgery, present a development speech or comfort a lost puppy, we are much busier than we know. And much more creative than we believe.

“Inception” really got me feeling how much choice we have that we don’t honor, or exercise. Visioning and Vision Boards are great doorways into the real palette of possibility that is always there, waiting, for us to open the door. Because the handle is on our side. All the raw materials we could possibly use await our call to creation, our choice to employ them, our metaphorical hand to pick up the paint brush, chose the color, and draw a line. Or circle.

Inception means the beginning place. The beginner’s mind, which knows all things are possible. The beginner’s heart full of powerful innocence. The clear slate for creation. I’m a great guide for this landscape. Let’s begin now.

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