Conscious Language

In the beginning, there was the Word.

The Holy Bible, English translation

Spoken language holds powerful creation codes, which work perfectly for us. Or against us. Reality is easily shifted through the conscious use of language.

Conscious Language

Conscious Language is an Oracle Art, and a ‘must’ for asking accurate questions, understanding answers, or invoking precise outcomes. For any translation activity. Language holds the power to create and destroy.

Our words are the quantum templates of health, abundance, peace and relationships!

By Gregg Braden, Author of The Divine Matrix and The God Code

I am a Language and Reality Architect; my coaching system will purify and power up your speech, including your internal speech. Through language codes, choice, frequency support, and identity definition, you can sculpt a new reality. Let me show you how!

In addition to the actual codes for creation in language, here are two of my favorite references to other aspects of this powerful work, from Dr. Doreen Virtue and Dr. Masuro Emoto. See Resources to order their books.

Angel Words, by Dr. Doreen and Grant Virtue

Harmony Water Crystal

Dr. Doreen Virtue and her son Grant noticed that when they spoke the word “angel”, the recording graphics formed angel wings. Further experiments indicated that loving words had large graphic images while negative words had small, contracted images. This visual proof of the power of conscious language is exquisite! (check out the book)

Messages From Water by Dr. Masuro Emoto

Dr. Masuro Emoto is a world-renowned researcher who translated his appreciation for snowflakes into research on the formation of water crystals. His experiments involve music, people speaking and writing words, people sending feelings and prayers into specific containers of water and then viewing the different shapes of water molecule crystals in those containers. The results show that greater positivity and coherence in the feelings, messages, and music sent consistently generate more geometrical symmetry, and beauty, in the water molecule crystals.

Love water crystal

Dr. Emoto further discovered that even writing words on the container caused the shapes of the crystals to change in beautiful ways. “Thank you,” and “love” were often the words that created the most beautiful crystals.

Both our planet and our bodies are composed of more than 70% water… According to Emoto, “The vibration of good words has a positive affect on our world, whereas the vibration from negative words has the power to destroy.” (check out the book)

Water molecules Water molecules changing shape in response to thoughts

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