Crystals—Ancient Light in Sacred Design

Lucky Pocket Rocks to Crystal Healing

quartz crystals for healing

Whether you are up for carrying a lucky rock in your pocket, want to use a crystal point to focus your meditation, are ready to learn how to create crystal mandalas for manifestation, or feel drawn to become a crystal healer, these envoys from the Mineral Kingdom are ancient allies in the human quest for returning wholeness. They are great scouts and spotters as you Re-member Yourself and Remember.

Crystal Partnership is an Oracle Art. The Oracle in you recognizes and honors the Oracle in the crystal; as the Oracle in the crystal recognizes and honors the Oracle in you. We humans are carbon life forms becoming crystalline life forms. The degree of spiral of energy in a quartz point is the same degree of spiral of energy in human blood. We are both Ancient Light in Sacred Design.

Crystals are the most consistent indigenous shamanic tool and figure in many of the great magical myths still known to us. Our science has used their piezo-electric affect to be the guiding force in missiles, watches, and computers. They are an ancient, powerful beauty offering us wisdom, healing, and comfort. As with all sentience, they prefer partnership to servitude. As you learn or remember the dance of crystal kinship, you re-member the path to your own wholeness.

A Brief History

  • It is recorded in Exodus in The Bible that Aaron wore a divinely inspired and extremely powerful “breastplate” containing 12 different crystals, arranged on a silver plate in three rows of four crystals each: sard, agate, chrysolite, garnet, amethyst, jasper, onyx, beryl, emerald, topaz, sapphire, and diamond.
  • Kings in ancient India, 600 B.C., used crystals to protect themselves.
  • Ancient healing practices include wearing crystals as amulets.
  • Ancient Egyptians particularly used malachite and lapis lazuli with precious metals for healing and growth.
  • Early Greek and Roman writings tell of the use of stones as talismans.
  • Records show Mayan and American Indians used crystals to diagnose and treat disease.
  • Amethyst was very rare in the early centuries, and was found in the crowns, rings, staffs, and jewelry of royalty and the priesthoods, even found on the Pope’s ring.
  • Altar stones, candlesticks, and some crosses carry seven main stones: diamond/clear quartz, sapphire, jasper, emerald, topaz, ruby, and amethyst. (from Windows of Light by Randall and Vicki Baer)

Current Technological Uses

  • In addition to guiding missiles, watches, and silicon chips in computers,
  • Ruby crystals are used in lasers for microscopic surgery.
  • Quartz is used in oscillators for radio frequencies, as capacitors to modify energy capacity in circuits, as transducers to transmit energy from one circuit to another, and as condensers that will store energy. (from Crystal Enlightenment by Katrina Raphael)

Crystal Guardianship—My Story

quartz healing crystals

I was drawn to Peru many years ago to discover a particular type of quartz crystal cluster that has a knack for activating and re-weaving the human lightbody. (I did not go alone, but the two other pilgrims must tell their own story.) The technical name of the crystalline form is ‘reversed scepter quartz.’ As I was collapsed in my hotel room in Lima after scouring the country for them during a mine and train strike, I was visited and granted permission by the Deva of the crystals to be entrusted with them, as their Guardian.

After my return to the States, the crystals taught me over several years how to interact with them and different ways to set up mandalas for human bodywork, including lightbody work. Ultimately I combined this work with hypnotherapy with great success.

After nearly a decade, I studied with Melody, author of the Love Is In the Earth series, and took all of her classes, the last ones she taught in the States.  I had always had an affinity for crystals, and have memories of working with them in other places and times. After this apprenticeship, I became a Crystal Guardian and created my Crystal Healing Trainings.

I have great stories of Fortune 100 CEO’s using crystals to assure their successful business deals, of airline pilots who credit them with saving the day, of Moms putting lucky rocks in their children’s pockets, and of gardens flourishing in droughts due to the presence of quartz clusters. Crystals offer a reflection of the magic we have been and are. They are readily available for the curious and serious seeker alike.

I can advise you on beginning or deepening your partnership with the Mineral Kingdom. Contact me to Join the Quest!