Oracles Rising

When realities need to shift, the Oracles rise.

Goddess Athena, Protectress of Oracles

Oracles Rising

And there came a time upon the Earth when those souls who had been Oracles in days past remembered, gathered, rose up, and took up their talents once again to shine the light so that darkness would not be. And the Oracle ability began to be born fully alive in the children and to permeate the airs and waters and memories and hopes of the sentience of the planet. The ability to be consciously connected to the web of light, the heartbeat of Earth, memories both past and future, and most importantly each other’s hearts, held in the loving embrace of the One Heart. At long last, the Oracles were Rising.

I am pleased to say that I have always known I remembered. Remembered where I come from, why I am here, and what is true. Jennifer Posada, in her wonderful book, The Oracle Within, speaks eloquently about the loss of our oracular abilities as “The Great Forgetting.” Throughout even the historical records which remain it is clear that the civilizations on our planet have endured cycles of achievement and loss repeatedly.

The great libraries of knowledge in Alexandria were burned, and we undoubtedly cannot fathom what was lost, even in that one event. “The Great Forgetting” seems to have come over us like a seasonal flu, stopping us in our tracks from time to time.

Some theorize it is due to galactic rotation cycles or photon belts. Some claim it is an Illuminati conspiracy and some insist it is all just a curriculum designed to teach us something.

It doesn’t really matter to me now why this has occurred, only that it is over. And that I am here to participate as a catalyst in The Great Remembering.

I have used crystals, mediumship, infused knowledge, soul advocacy, essential oils, intuition activation, soul retrieval and various types of sound as awakening tools for my clients. I have found they are the most effective in a customized synergy. Each modality is simply a reflection of our own soul’s light, through a particular lens, for our entertainment and resuscitation.

The purpose of all of these tools is to lovingly escort us to the place and day when they are no longer needed, because we Re-member Ourselves and Remember.

The Great Remembering is promoted by groups incarnating and being recognized as enhanced, called Indigos and Crystals among other things, who embrace change and bring new talents. It is sustained by a willingness to embrace intuition and psychic abilities. The Great Remembering contains a distinctly feminine element, not confined to the feminine gender, but rather to the balanced and perfected feminine archetype living in every human.

In this time, this Shift of the Ages, we Oracles rise. Like flowers that have waited a millenium to finally blossom, our LightSeeds activate and push through the darkness to unfurl our light, in the light, as the light. This burst can require a bit of courage, and we are generally known for our passion. Mostly it just requires “Re-membering Ourselves and Remembering.”

Tell them all
The Oracles are risen,
There is honor for both Gaia and Apollo,
And we dance ecstatically
In sacred Laurel leaves once more.
Our voices rise unsilenced beside our sacred spring.

“Heard” in Delphi, Greece 2008