Sign Language

In Buddhism we speak of the symbolic teacher of appearances, and that means that the phenomenon that we witness in our day to day lives can actually teach us deep lessons about the way things are and the inter-connectedness of all things. (emphasis added)

His Holiness The Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa, age 26, the next spiritual leader of Tibet.

Sign Language - There are Signs everywhere

Sign Language is the Universal Language of Our Greater Reality
Trying to Get a Message Delivered to Us:

  • Through the static and cacophony of our busy, noisy lives;
  • Through the distracted, disinterested states we often find ourselves in; and
  • Through the chemical signatures of all the things we have put into and upon our bodies and surrounded ourselves with.


To decode this language you will have to:

  • Feel your way.
  • Be alert for patterns and anomalies.
  • Get familiar with what speaks to you.
  • Realize what meanings you have already ‘assigned’ to images, words, events, and feelings within yourself.

Sign Language is quite individual, somewhat code-like, and must be translated. The process can be a bit of a puzzle, an early warning system, or your own personal treasure map.

Sign Language is an Oracle Art. For millennia humans all over the world have used every imaginable tool to receive the translations of Sign Language. This is commonly called ‘divination.’ The ancient ones, the natural world, and every aspect of our reality still send us wisdom, comfort, and guidance through every means available. We are the ones who have suffered a de-tuning process. In ancient times the tribal shaman (chief technician of the sacred) might use leaves, entrails, the formation of birds in flight, or water drops to receive a guiding message for individuals or the tribe.

In our time, you may receive your Sign Language from your computer or phone, a billboard, a song or newspaper headline you ‘just happen’ to notice, (lettuce jumping in the supermarket—more on that later) the internet….the possibilities, thankfully, are limitless.

I navigate by Sign Language. You’ll hear me exclaim, “It’s a sign!” frequently. Sometimes I have to take a break in the action to really listen, or notice, or reflect, so that I don’t miss a message. The more faithfully you open to receive them, the more clearly the messages come.

‘Sign’ up! Let me show you how to discover your own Sign Language and open to the ancient and future art of personal, interactive Divination!

Anecdotal Evidence

Sign Language lives completely in the province of Anecdotal Evidence. It is personal, experience-based, not necessarily able to be duplicated, and therefore not acknowledged by Science. It is, however, valid, and much older than Science!

Anecdote No. 1 – It was a crazy year for me. My Mom passed over and there was a lot of family drama. I wasn’t feeling great, had a physical, no revelatory results. I re-ordered my usual vitamins. In the order, for the first time ever, there was a free sample of CALM, a calcium and magnesium powder to mix with water. I had seen it before. But I could feel it was a SIGN that it would help me, so I used it and bought more and it did help. It was the first step to feeling better for me.

Anecdote No. 2 – Remember the jumping lettuce? This happened to me recently. I had been pondering my eating habits, doing a little reading, making some changes. Needing to make more. I was at the supermarket with only two things on my list: apples and lemons. As I approached the produce section my eyes were drawn to the lettuce (I confess I do not like lettuce much. I knew my eyes being drawn to it was a classic ‘sign.’ I ignored it.) Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another woman in a very pretty orange jacket coming around the corner. As I began to turn away, my eyes were drawn back to the lettuce, which literally jumped up at least two inches, came out of the bin, and rolled across the floor a few inches in my direction. My mouth dropped open. I immediately made eye contact with the woman in the orange jacket, who said, “OMG I saw it, too! You’d better buy that lettuce!” (I had a witness! It was as clear to her as it was to me! It probably took a little extra to get me to eat lettuce!) So I did. And I’ve been eating it every day! It was a SIGN!