The Invitation

My Invitation came in the form of an unexpected message in Delphi, Greece.

Oracle's message, Delphi, Greece

Temple of Athena in Delphi, Greece

I’ve heard loving messages guiding me for as long as I can remember. At the age of three I reported to my parents that one of my angels said if they “drove the blue car to the beach it would break.” And they did and it did. Imagine their astonishment!

Decades later as my husband and I were going to bed late one night, I heard “If you go to sleep now you won’t wake up!” So I refused to allow us to go to sleep, waiting for more specific clues about what action to take. Finally, as my husband was closing the door to the garden, we heard an odd popping sound, which turned out to be the house behind us, in our dry high desert forest, ablaze with fire with no fire engine in sight!

You’ve probably heard about the Oracle of Delphi tradition in ancient Greece, where priestesses provided counsel and prophecy directly to kings, philosophers, and generals since before 1400 B.C. When I researched this, I discovered these were actually living Oracle priestesses who quite literally guided the course of western civilization for thousands of years. It was an empowering discovery. So I traveled there to see what I could find out.

What I wasn’t prepared for was that as I was meditating at the Temple of Athena, in Delphi, Greece, I heard the voice of the Goddess Athena introduce herself, welcome me home, and announce, “You have long served as Oracle. And you must speak now. Because when realities need to shift, the Oracles rise.”

The voice of Athena invited me to remember what it means to have the courageous Heart of the Oracle, to cherish my differentness-for-a-reason, and to embrace a new context for myself. She sold me on myself, helped me to make sense of my life, and gave me a new context for my work.

My research later revealed that she was known in ancient times as “The Protectress of Oracles,” which made even more sense of her communication to me. My newly sensitive Oracle Heart found quite a few realities in need of shifting, but I remained confident. Because I knew the Oracles were rising in us.

© Copyright 2007 Trinity S Thomas.