Jamie Anderson – Crystal Powered at the Olympics

by Trinity S. Thomas on February 13, 2014

Jamie Anderson had me at hello in the recent Sochi Olympics, and I’m not even a fan of her sport. Perhaps it’s because she hails from a town near mine, hers South Lake Tahoe and mine Fair Oaks, California. I told myself it was her radiance, her attitude, her presence that caught my attention.

Then I read in the local paper (Sacramento Bee, reporting from the Washington Post, written by Rick Maese) that she is a fan of crystals, as part of her winning srtategy. It was noticed by a reporter in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, that she customarily wears a string of wooden beads around her neck. Jamie explains, “My mantra beads. They’re from a friend who made them with, like, sacred energy put into them.” And she also wears a large quartz crystal and a triangle moonstone, calling them “power stones.”

I have often worn “power stones” myself'; in fact, as I write this I am wearing a Herkimer diamond ring (to help diffuse both the radiation from my computer and the radiation hitting the west coast) and a large blue kyanite pendant (to keep my energy balanced).

I suppose I came into this life loving rocks. I remember picking them up on walks with my Mom and wanting nothing other than rocks from the parking lot or roadside for mementos on family trips. I graduated to actual quartz crystals as I began to study geology in college, and to more unusual ‘rocks’ with esoteric purposes and qualities as I later explored psychic healing. I journeyed on a Vision Quest to Peru in 1988 to discover a particular type of crystal which I developed my signature energy body activation with. I’ve taught Crystal Healing classes in several states in the USA and use them in my practice even now. It’s a long and mutual love story.

My clients often receive prescriptions for crystals and my friends and family have become accustomed to making room in their homes and lives for the presence of a few ‘Stone People,’ who arrive as gifts from my collection. There is a definite power to these mineral travelers. They contribute positive energy, stability, and the good fortune that comes from feeling secure and lucky. My experience tells me that wearing crystals supports our ability to tap the quantum field through what I call our Inner Oracle, the place in our hearts where we know we are all one. It is from this place that we connect with our wisest and most powerful selves.

I’ve known quite a few business people, artists, and performers who adamantly insisted on including crystals in their everyday lives and endeavors. And many have favorite ones made into jewelry so that they can wear them daily. From Gerald A. Hines, builder of the Houston, TX Galleria to the Denver attorneys I worked for, large crystal clusters adorn conference tables for significant meetings, are carried into court to assist wanted outcomes, and travel the world in briefcases just for safety.

Whether lucky pocket rocks or gigantic pieces of lobby art, crystals are a universally acknowledged positive addition to any environment. I am so glad to know that this young woman who has caught my attention is wearing power stones to propel her success. Seems like a perfect score to me! Way to go, Jamie!

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