Just an Ordinary Wednesday

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 25, 2011

Special Delivery Cat


At The Casa, John of God is supported energetically in his mediumship work by many people who volunteer to sit quietly in special rooms, sometimes for hours, ‘holding current’ to help anchor the energetics of the healing miracles. I was privileged to sit in such a room on Wednesday. I had heard people speak of amazing experiences they had while sitting in this way.

I had been sitting there a while, going in and out of consciousness with my eyes closed. Suddenly I noticed the music playing was the song “Edelweiss,” which I associate with the movie The Sound of Music, which I will always associate with my mother, who passed over almost a year ago.

As soon as I noticed the music and made the connections, I distinctly heard her say

from the empty seat to my left, “They’re playing our song!” I remembered that when I first sat down that afternoon in the Current Room, as it’s called, I had heard a woman call my name, from the right side of the room, in the back. I looked and could not see anyone trying to get my attention, so assumed I had mis-heard or imagined it.

I was understandably a bit startled. Then I heard her chuckle and say, “It was not easy to find a song you would recognize as being from me among their music selection here.” I found myself wanting to analyze the interaction, and managed not to. I could sort of see her, just calmly sitting there on my left. She looked young and happy, and I told her, “Mom, you look pretty.” She told me, “Everyone is young here; it’s so great.”

I found myself wondering where she was in her after-death process, not that I really know how all that works, but I have read quite a bit about the afterlife and had thought there was a time of orientation. Of course she could hear my thoughts, so she said, “I’ve finished my orientation. I’ll be around a little more now, if that’s ok with you.”

I suppose if I was anywhere other than holding current at the John of God Casa in Brazil, that might have seemed weird to me, but it felt entirely normal. I told her, “I would love that.” Then I must have faded back into the current, because the next thing I noticed was a physical sensation of my left hand being squeezed by hers, and then she was gone. And somehow Edelweiss was playing again, the line “Bless my homeland forever.”

I could feel in my heart as well as my head and my hand that I had just received contact from my deceased mother while sitting in current at the John of God Casa. I really love it here.

That evening, a calico cat named Luz (Portuguese for ‘light’) who lives here at the Pousada Luz Divina where I am staying, greeted me at my door as I went to bed. She had climbed the tall outdoor stairs to where my room was and arranged her adorable self on the chair right outside my bedroom. I am in love with cats, especially calico cats, who, interestingly, are always female. Just the presence of a cat cheers me up.

As I unlocked my door she began to talk to me. I couldn’t seem to catch her drift. So I put my key and purse inside and stuck my head back out to ask her what she was saying. Sometimes I can tell what an animal is trying to tell me. Not this time; still didn’t get it.

So I got ready for bed and looked out the window to see if she was still there, and she was, and lifted her head and patiently made what seemed to me like all the same sounds for the third time, and looked at me intently. I had been at the Pousada for nearly three weeks, and she had not appeared at my door before. Hmmm……. Perhaps not random. It definitely seemed like it had something to do with my mother’s earlier visit, as if she knew I would love for Luz to greet me and sleep by my door and had somehow arranged it. Once I completed that thought, Luz seemed satisfied, put her head down, curled her tail around herself and settled in to sleep. Yes, indeed, my Mom had sent me a cat.

Just an ordinary Wednesday at the John of God Casa in Abadania, Brazil.

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