The Inner Oracle, Visioning, Sound Healing, and Soul Advocacy, my own soul coaching processes, are systems designed to take you on the Awakening Adventure of your life!

With heart intelligence, conscious language, right brain activation, crystals, divination, remembering the future, and a plethora of other side trips and jaunts into ancient and future wisdom, this is a ride not to be missed!

“Who looks outside dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.”

Carl Jung, Founder of Analytical Psychiatry

Year of the Snake – Black Water Snake

by Trinity S. Thomas on February 10, 2013


On the Chinese New Year, February 10, 2013, we entered the Year of the Snake. Specifically the Year of the Black Water Snake. The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac repeat every 12 years, but as the five elements are partnered with the animals, it is only every 60 years that the specific pattern of animal (snake) and element (black water) repeat. According to Stephanie Austin at, the Year of the Black Water Snake is about transformation and the power of the feminine. According to, the year is one of “gradual and gathered strength”, cosmic awareness, and integration with Source. I was born in the Year of the Snake.

Snakes shedding their skin is a commonly known fact and often cited metaphor. Less well known is the fascinating fact that snakes become temporarily blind as they shed their skin. In my case, this is particularly true. I have been surprised and not entirely pleased to discover that as I find myself in the midst of somewhat uncomfortably shedding my old skin, and a little raw as the new covering settles in, I am also feeling unusually blind. Not lost, just blind. I have a sense of where I am and how I’m shifting, but I can’t really see, anything, much less the road ahead and where the choices I’m faced with, and making, lead! I have to feel my way. (This feeling business is coming up a lot. Feels like the water element in the year is highlighting it.) My Inner Oracle is sending out great occasional clear messages. But they are very broad and in the moment. Such as, “Don’t do that!” “Pay attention to this!” “Yes, go with this a little longer.” I miss my customary broad and brilliant ability to Vision. I look forward to learning the qualities of my new skin.

Traditionally, the Year of the Snake contains radical cultural or sometimes physically dramatic shifts. The last one was 2001, with falling towers and attendant alterations in airline travel and other customs and protocols in The United States. We are invited to view the likely world drama in this year without our acquired pessimism or cynicism; to view events as demonstrations of dead skin being released. The gyrations of the world stage work as thorns to pull the old skin, the old ways, free, making way for new growth.

I’m in Abadiania, Brazil, at The Casa de Dom Ignacio, where John of God performs healing miracles with the support of tens of thousands of spiritual healers working with and through him. I carry the snake signature; four days after I arrived, we entered the Year of the Black Water Snake. I have learned to honor the call of The Casa, knowing I will discover the synchronicities and alignments that make it the perfect time to be here, once I arrive.

I am feeling a profound shift in energy in my life and on my planet post-12-21-12. At The Casa, I am noticing that everything is greatly speeded up. The spirit surgeries are much quicker, the physical surgeries are quicker, the lines of waiting pilgrims move faster, my thoughts and feelings create quicker, and I move through my own processes quicker. The challenges seem a bit increaesed; likely due to the increased strength and speed of the planetary energies in general. My perspective is definitely affected by my location and environment. The very air I breathe here is full of spiritual presence, potent with possibility for partnership with all sorts of unseen realms. With every step I feel patterns shifting, moving, leaving, birthing.

I have never felt anywhere on Earth as potent for transformation as this amazing spot – a culmination of tens of thousand of spirit workers, 40 years of miracles through an extraordinary channel, an unparalleled human support team, in a land of potent indigenous shamanism mixed with ancient African energy wisdom, physically placed on a huge mesa of living quartz crystal, containing a truly magical waterfall with an astonishingly present elemental presence. I am so aware of being tremendously graced and perfectly placed!

Snakes are ancient archetypes of feminine, healing, transformative power. What I feel about the Year of the Black Water Snake, is that it is a year of Divine Feminine, Goddess, Inner Oracles Rising. A year of liberation of the places in each of us that have contracted to fit within a broken system on the brink of renewal. A year when our love breaks free; the love we kept alive as an ember while we waited for a few more links to form in a planetary consciousness grid, a few more strands of DNA to activate, a few more pieces of a puzzle we still can’t see in fullness to spiral in and take their places. So that we could unfurl what we had kept twisted, dormant, and deep inside. I feel my own Inner Oracle stirring, stretching, reaching for new life, the rich oxygen of true companions, the liberation of the most creative imaginings of my soul.

In my third week at the John of God town in Brazil, my mind is taking a backseat as my heart grows in willingness to lead. Willingness to fill me with its truth and power. I can feel the feminine energies rising. Not the gender, but the feminine qualities in every living being that resonate to the Divine Feminine, in males and females, plants/animals/elements/crystals: the archetypal return of the Divine Feminine to grace our reality.

New skin is just right for right now. New skin for new energies, new ways to see once our true sight is restored, ancientness unbound, feminine power flowing, Inner Oracles rising.

Welcome to the Year of the Black Water Snake. I invite you to move through temporary blindness into new sensing and release the most potent knowing and vision of your soul!


Returning to John of God Land

by Trinity S. Thomas on January 29, 2013


I’m going back. And I’m surprised. For the fourth time in two years, I’m headed to the Casa de Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil, to the House of Miracles.

It’s different this time. I was invited by friends to share their home there. We feel called, as a group, because we can feel something percolating in the spirit world. We will be alert for signs and clues, listen deeply, meditate much.

I am so grateful for the accelerated healing available at the Casa, for the easy communication with spirits, for the community of pilgrims. For the opportunity to learn more about how the spiritual dimensions intersect with our reality to clear and balance all sorts of confusions and deliver many varieties of grace. The quantum-physics-in-action of it all!

I know my way around the village now. There’s not so much to figure out. I feel very still, internal, and open about it all. No nervous tension or high hopes or trepidation of any sort. Not even very many healing requests to take with me.

Very oddly different than my other journeys. I’m curious. And ready. I’m grateful to know of and have access to this amazing tradition. And my amazing friends. In this New Earth. I travel with Arms Wide Open…


12-21-12 and The Serengeti Frog Principle

by Trinity S. Thomas on December 21, 2012

Today is a tribute to great cosmic cycles of time, ages turning, galaxies rotating for 108 million years to line up with the Great Central Sun and a variety of streams of cosmic energy particles infusing our solar system through our local sun. Awakenings, activations, evolution, and risings of all sorts. This makes me think of the frogs of the Serengeti.

I am married to a zoologist, so I often hear amazing tales of the power and resilience of Nature. I am an Oracle, One who Remembers and Communicates Living information from the Environment. I am somewhat amphibious myself, able to walk all sorts of boundaries and operate in many different environments. It is the most delicious sort of inspiration, confirmation, pure joy to learn of biological truths which support the reality of the unbroken thread – the ability of potential to remain viable despite unfavorable conditions, and the passage of great spans of time. As we have…

Which brings me to the Serengeti Frog Principle. The Serengeti Desert is quite famous for being parched much of the time. Yet there is a particular species of frog who have developed the ability to flourish there. They lay their eggs in the rich black oozy dirt during the monsoon season. On the banks of the river, the transition zone where land becomes waterway. Knowing that parched conditions would come soon and last a long time; often many years. Trusting that eventually the cycle would turn again and the rains would come. And that when the rains did come, baby frogs would emerge (be activated) from the banks and go about (rise) the cycle of life. A tribute to good biological engineering, trust, and latent potency.

At our best, we all have a bit of the Serengeti Frog Principle in us. We maintain hope, sowing our seeds (laying our eggs!) where we can, when we can. We favor transition zones, transition times, not fearing change, but knowing we can wait it out and make it work, somehow. We instill our eggs, our hopes for a vibrant future, with enough potency to wait out adverse conditions.We know life is a cycle, and favorable conditions for birth are coming.

The Oracles of old knew a lot about cycles. The ancients knew how to bury their treasured wisdom and artifacts to keep them safe, to guard their potency, to endure as long as necessary for the great wheels to turn again to a point where awakening, birth, evolution was possible. They (we!) left good clues, and often those clues remained…

I feel in my very bones, in the adamantine particles of myself, that this particular turn of the ages, this particular cosmic window, is something I was born to witness and anchor. I know I am a particle in a wave of consciousness finely tuned for just this emergence. And I know Now is the Time.

This 12-21-12 Turn of the Ages signals a moment of cosmic energy influx due to alignments of very physical celestial bodies to create a very great rain of energy for us. To create the moment in which we can hatch and move and join the swelling river that has always been there, just out of our reach, but now flooding the Earth. Our presence here is a testament to a grand orchestration of all sorts of forces and memories and high hopes. It is so very good to be Us!


Here Comes the Sun

by Trinity S. Thomas on September 3, 2012


We are one year away from what our scientists call the Solar Maximum. The UK government has identified the activity coming through our Sun, solar flares, as the number one emergency of the coming year.

My adventure with the Sun began in the early 1990’s, when I discovered I have an unusual sensitivity to solar flares. I was studying at the Boulder Transformational Institute, learning to understand metaphysical principles and practices. Boulder sits at an altitude of more than a mile high, contributing to the power of the felt sense of the flares. Synchronistically, Boulder is the home for NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, where solar flares are tracked and studied. I mentioned to my class that I was having periods of time when it seemed impossible to feel grounded, sometimes accompanied by odd headaches and colored lights at the corners of my eyes, with extreme dream activity and heightened emotion.

One of my classmates was living with a NOAA scientist, and as we eventually tracked my ‘episodes’ she helped me see they were related to solar flare activity. The osteopath in the group explained that solar flares can affect the cranial plates in the skull, changing or reducing the flow of the cranial sacral fluid, which affects all bodily flows of energy. It became a bit of a joke for my friends and family. Emotional or spacey behavior on my part would be an occasion to ‘check for solar flares.’ Odd happenings of any sort might be blamed on them. Solar flares as a topic became both humor and background, taken for granted like the more terrestrial weather events of Rocky Mountain lightning and thunderstorms.

Fast forward to our year of 2012 and we are in a solar cycle that has become a real player in our world. From Jim Self’s ( September 2012 Mastering Alchemy Newsletter:

“This year has seen an unprecedented amount of solar activity in the form of sunspots, solar flares and winds, and CMEs. In 2009 there were 260 days when there was no activity at all from the sun. In 2010, this number of “spot-less” days was reduced to 51. In 2011, that number fell again to just 2 days without any activity. So far this year, there has not been a single day without some form of solar activity. We are still building to a peak; the solar maximum is not due to occur until mid 2013.”

Many scientists theorize that the recent record heat has been related to the increased radiation from, or through, our sun. Scientists have been researching energies beyond our solar system, assessing not only what comes from our sun, but what comes through our sun from far beyond our solar system. Mayan mythology also speaks of this time. From Mitch Battros of Earth Changes Media:

As a result of aligning with a stream of cosmic rays from our Milky Way, and with the Sun reaching its maximum strength for this cycle, an enormous amount of charged particles will hit our solar system, Earth, and each of us. If Mayan prophecy maintains its accuracy, a significant shift will occur with both the Earth itself – in the way of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and all forms of extreme weather – as well a shift in all living things – in the way of emotional/mental disturbance which leads to increased awareness and consciousness.  

Mayan prophecy believes there will be a shift in humans and all living things stimulated by an increase in magnetically charged particles. This will have an effect on our own human magnetic field which will have a transitioning effect on the way one sees and interacts in their world. The time we are in now, is a time of “disturbance” as we come to the end of the 4th World and transition into the 5th World. It is a time when people are sorting out what is true for them – a time to decide if their current path is consistent with their true integrity.

I have been on a high search for information about, strategies to cope with, and beneficial aspects of solar flares for 20 years. Here are some of my best tips:

Be aware: Pay attention to solar flare episodes. Not only may they affect you personally, they often affect weather, earth changes, political uprisings, communications, computers, even credit card networks. Being aware of the cycles will de-personalize your own fluctuations and help you adapt more easily. You can sign up for notifications at

Friends: Make good friends with them. There are perhaps near-miraculous aspects to these streaming particles. See information from Tom Kenyon at and

Go Gently: Be as gentle as possible with yourself and in all of your interactions during flares.

Weather: Pay extra attention to weather, particularly as you move about the planet. Weather is dramatically affected by flares.

Emergency Prep: All the usual. Have extra water around or a plan for purifying it. Keep gas tanks half full, have emergency supplies in your car, plan road and air trips carefully. Have extra food and medicine supplies in your home in case of increasing power outages. Re-check travel plans and schedules.

Solar flares dramatically affect the magnetic field of earth, and therefore our own energy fields. They weaken the structure of the fields as they weaken the boundaries of our emotional bodies, allowing us to more easily release beliefs, positions, and biases. What a gift! With consciousness, we can make use of the solar flare interludes to lighten up, shed emotional baggage, and shift info a higher octave of ourselves. To propel and refine what we choose to imagine and create. 

Be aware that everyone and everything is being affected. Migrating birds are not the only beings finding themselves a bit off course and undirected, with longstanding markers moved or missing.  Extra kindness and patience will help stabilize your environment. Especially yourself!

Most of all, I recommend being grateful. Grateful for the amazing opportunity to evolve and lighten up, surfing the high energy electrons flowing through our Sun into our lives. Receive the gift!