Postcard from the Void #1 – Listening

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 19, 2010

It’s peaceful here in The Void. I’ve spent a few days now being very quiet and internal, reflecting, writing, organizing and resting from….so much. I can feel the calm start to wash over me. My body is relaxing.

I’ve had to take myself out of my usual activities, my usual busyness, to gain a new perspective on some things I had hoped for and assumed and taken for granted. I am going to find a way to do this more regularly.

I’ve been Visioning and I see things a bit differently now. Visioning first and most importantly provides a deeper look into your own heart and soul, and in the best of times these looks can open into new possibilities. Sometimes a delicious “yes” makes itself known. Sometimes it’s better to have a clear “no” than a “maybe.” You still have to make the choices, choose the changes, change expectations and behaviors, and keep checking to make sure you’re staying conscious and heartful through it all.  Visioning is a great way to learn to think with your heart.

It’s a good time for me to listen very deeply, first to myself. Taking a few steps back, out of the world of deadlines and so many requirements on my time and attention, has given me the space to breathe deeply and allow issues to come into focus. I wish there was a way to put this ease I feel into my water and sip it all day long.

More postcards to follow.

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