Postcard from the Void #3 – Heart

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 30, 2010

I’m beginning to find some fullness in this void place I’m exploring. It’s tempting to create plans, make decisions, or involve other people in my ideas but it still feels premature. It feels more like filling a blank space than correct, ripe, authentic movement.

When I create a new Vision Board, I feel a bit the same way. All that blankness, that ocean of one empty color, makes me a little nervous. I want to put things on it so it doesn’t pressure me with all of its unfulfilled potential. There’s a very singular sort of grace in being able to be still and comfortable with blankness. I seem to be cultivating it; or perhaps it’s cultivating me. We are definitely in a tango of some sort. Or a tangle…

I spent some time on a island this week in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. I have soul family there; some I just met. We haven’t spent much time together, but we know each other well and enjoy each other immensely. That may even be the definition of soul family – Immediate ease and deep recognition, similar interests, automatic understanding.

Being completely surrounded by deep ocean waters is also very soothing. Views of huge snow-capped mountain ranges always makes me feel very much “at home.” Lots of open land and forested lanes with deer peeking out between berry bushes and huge spruce trees look and feel like my sort of place. It’s easier to be in Void Mode when my physical environment is so soothing. I’ve been relaxing even more deeply. I can feel some unexpected Visions forming.

Unexpected Visions always feel the most real to me, because I am convinced they come from a deep place in me unrelated to my mind. The trick for me is taking the time, finding a way to be so sourced and relaxed that the bubbles of Vision can float up or down or in and I am able to notice them.

This experience, this process, is similar to Vision Boarding and Visioning. I’m in Step One of Visioning – I’m comfortable enough to be in my heart and to hear my heart’s version on all my current topics. When you create a Vision Board, it’s important to be comfortable enough with yourself to hear, feel, or know the sometimes unexpected truth of your own heart, and to be courageous enough to tell the truth about what you want and what does and doesn’t work for you, especially to yourself. I am finding that the more comfortable I am, the more courageous I feel, and the more heart-centered I can naturally be. My physical environment has a huge affect on me, so being in a new magical place with lots of love supports my heart-centeredness.

I may have to relocate to an agrarian island with a mountain view and soul family. I’ll put it on my Vision Board. And keep you updated on my next discoveries. More postcards to follow.

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