Postcard From the Void #4 – Not Done Yet

by Trinity S. Thomas on November 29, 2010

I was done with The Void.

It was time to get more mac training (delayed when someone literally set the store– and half the Roseville Galleria mall– on fire ’cause space aliens said it was that or lose his daughter to them – not kidding!), prep for holidays with two sets of houseguests (one including my adorable 10 month old grandson!) Gifts to choose and wrap, food to prepare, beds to make, itinerary ideas to collect, trains and airplanes to meet, movies to see, love to exchange. Grandbaby to chase.

I had, after all, spent quite a lot of time in The Void, even sent postcards. And I had written five draft versions of an Oracle Chapter that is SO overdue, created a great acronym, joined 3 more teleconferences, taken on two new regular clients, dealt with a less than cordial probate issue, and started green juicing. I was busy! With ALL great and “necessary” things. I was done with The Void!

It seems The Void wasn’t done with me. I do believe I failed my Pop Quiz. So now I have a very impressive case of the flu. Frequency Level Upgrade as it is! And I’m typing this post! Which is literally painful. So I’ll stop. Right now. No fancy image….

Getting horizontal and blanket covered. Back later, promise.

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