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Resources from Trinity S. Thomas

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.

Frank Borman, American Astronaut




These are teachers/channels who I have studied with and, in some cases, worked with. I recommend them for your own explorations, and, if you have the opportunity, I would love for you to tell them “Trinity recommended you!”

Jennifer! Posada

I can’t even write her name without a ‘!’ at the end of it. In many ways she resuscitated my ancient Oracle heart and drew my innate wisdom forward as she reminded me how to truly, madly, deeply love and honor myself. It was on her sacred journey to Delphi, Greece in 2008 that I remembered and reconnected with that part of my lineage. Jennifer brings ‘walking your talk’ to a whole new level! She practices a high form of ‘Sourcery.’ This is not a misspelling! Source-ery! Her loving style and brilliant, transformative classes will spark you to open to new levels of your truest self.


Joyce Schwarz

I experience Joyce as a bit of an Oracle herself – perhaps it takes one to know one! She is brilliant at branding, packaging, marketing, and synthesizing life experience into marketable identity and product packets. And she taught me Visioning and Vision Boarding, a remarkable addition to my own resources, which included how to reference the business and science aspects with the work to deepen the results and widen the audience. Her The Vision Board Book is a must have! She’s just too great at too many things to list here – if you have a dream to launch, contact her!


Jill Purce

I attended one of Jill’s magical residential mandala events near Glastonbury and could not resist returning for her work on clearing ancestral lines a few weeks later. Her work with sound is deeply transformative. Her command of Tibetan Buddhist energies is remarkable. She radiates a unique power for embodied alchemy.


Christie Sheldon

Christie Sheldon is a woman who has miracles on tap, because she understands not only where they come from, but the myriad ways we block them when they are delivered to our door. She really has the keys to the solution for just about anything. I have never met anyone else who comes close to the grace Christie is able to offer her clients through her work in clearing and uplifting energies.


Tom Kenyon

I am certified as a Sound Healer by Tom Kenyon. His ability to channel beingness through sound has been a key inspiration in my work since 2004. His site contains free sound gifts to refine and elevate your energy as well as articles containing deep wisdom for navigating our changing times.


Pepper Lewis

Pepper emboldened my channeling ability when my husband and I studied with her in Los Angeles years ago by making it seem safe, pleasant, easy, and valuable. Her current channeling workshops are even more powerful; in 4 days you learn how to channel responsibly (or vastly deepen your abilitiy) and why it matters. She is an internationally known channel for Gaia, the sentience of our Planet Earth. Her work provides crucial wisdom, comfort, and guidance from the heart of the Earth herself.

Vickie Dodd

Vickie was my first sound teacher, when we both lived in Boulder, Colorado. She has heard the music of the spheres and the sounds in people’s bodies and souls since she was a small child. She knows how to set the trapped energies free and reorganize “the blues into gold.” I was privileged to act as the ‘crystal healer’ on one of her sound healing tours. Her unparalleled brilliance sparked my passion for working with sound and she remains my most key mentor in this work.


Amazing Friends

Christopher Gruver, Magical Botanical Photography,

Deb Court, My Guide to John of God

Karen Leffler, Photographer for John of God

Amy Martin, Intuitive Energy Medicine