Returning to John of God Land

by Trinity S. Thomas on January 29, 2013


I’m going back. And I’m surprised. For the fourth time in two years, I’m headed to the Casa de Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil, to the House of Miracles.

It’s different this time. I was invited by friends to share their home there. We feel called, as a group, because we can feel something percolating in the spirit world. We will be alert for signs and clues, listen deeply, meditate much.

I am so grateful for the accelerated healing available at the Casa, for the easy communication with spirits, for the community of pilgrims. For the opportunity to learn more about how the spiritual dimensions intersect with our reality to clear and balance all sorts of confusions and deliver many varieties of grace. The quantum-physics-in-action of it all!

I know my way around the village now. There’s not so much to figure out. I feel very still, internal, and open about it all. No nervous tension or high hopes or trepidation of any sort. Not even very many healing requests to take with me.

Very oddly different than my other journeys. I’m curious. And ready. I’m grateful to know of and have access to this amazing tradition. And my amazing friends. In this New Earth. I travel with Arms Wide Open…

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