Sacred Hairdryer Epiphany

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 14, 2011



The current is different here in John of God Land. And so is the electricity. 240 rather than 110. So being very practical, I purchased a dual voltage hairdryer before I traveled here. But I could not get it to work. I struggled. I applied tools. As a last resort, I asked for help. (If all else fails, read instructions!)

My first helper made some progress, but acknowledged it wasn’t working properly. Then another person said, “You have to turn the switch to off before you can change the dial to the higher current.”

I almost didn’t notice or care that the hairdryer worked now. I was busy having such an epiphany! Great Sign Language! I was going to have to turn off the current of 110, my so called normal life, normal way of operating. First. Completely switch to OFF. Before I would be able to access the 240 current, in this analogy, the higher current of this place, of John of God’s Casa. I would not be able to run them both at the same time, or switch back and forth. I would have to completely STOP, turn it all OFF. A bit like a computer re-boot.

It’s taken me nearly an entire week. I have almost found the ‘off’ position, and I’m looking forward to the switch.

Sacred Hairdryer Epiphany!

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