Sacred Mistakes

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 27, 2011

Easy and Not So Easy Paths

We as humans are the Sacred Art of God/Goddess, of the Universe. When we are off the mark in our experience, our creation, even our mistakes, are sacred. As we welcome our errors, mistakes, and confusions into our hearts, they become a uniquely powerful strength.

“… transformation of heart comes about through reflecting on the results of our mistakes, understanding how ignorance or woundedness created those actions, and doing the necessary healing so that we will do better next time. Error calls us to repentance, which literally means to think again. It is the crucible in which the soul is forged and the psyche healed. Mistakes, in fact, are sacred because of the powerful potential for growth they contain.” 

     Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., in “The Ways of the Mystic: Seven Paths to God”

Sacred Mistakes, the curriculum I believe we enroll in the School of Earth to master, and then alchemize into heartful evolution, are the cornerstone of my work with mentoring individuals.

In my Soul Advocacy work with clients, the first phase is Establishing Innocence. The process involves a quick overview of an individual’s Sacred Mistakes: perceived errors, shameful memories, fears, self-judgments, and missed opportunities, which we offer up to the client’s soul for commentary. As a Medium for the Soul, I allow the information to flow through me to the individual, perfectly languaged, cadenced, and coded as only one’s own soul could do. This provides the soul perspective of innocent exploration, strategic learning, and powerful comprehension, an alchemy of the soul.

Repentance, or “thinking again” begins and, like a benevolent virus, changes the shape and purpose of personal history forever. When history changes, the trajectory of the future shifts. Forgiveness of self and others becomes natural, and through that, new options open to a celebration of possibility.

The Soul, as always, operates as an advocate for the individual and I operate as an advocate for the Soul. Soul Advocacy.

It all begins with honoring our Sacred Mistakes.


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