Sacred Witness to Oprah at John of God

by Trinity S. Thomas on April 2, 2012


Oprah Interviews Joao

I easily confess to being a pilgrim to the House of Miracles, also known as The Casa de Dom Ignacio, or the experience with John of God. This is my third trip in 9 months. And in the third week of my third trip, Oprah arrived to directly exerience the energies I love so much.

I noticed her, of course. And my heart was full, imagining she would feel the heightened senses of the presence of the spirit world and perhaps benefit from their grace. A friend of mine reported that she watched Joao (John of God) perform live physical spirit surgeries, and became faint at the sight of the blood.

As I stood in the Blessed Soup Line after the morning session of ‘holding current’, I noticed her emerging from one of the crystal lamp treatment rooms. These crystal lamps were designed by the spirits through John of God to increase the strength of our perispirit, or aura. I love the way they make me feel: calm, centered, alive, strong, loving, wise. I saw Oprah emerge from my favorite room, Number 3, of course. I saw her reaching for a little extra support as she walked forward toward where she would interview John of God. I know that feeling well. I was aware of being a Sacred Witness to a divine event.

I ambled over to the interview area and was fortunate to find a spot where I could take some photographs. Of Oprah interviewing John of God for the first time! There was no holding back in this inteview. At one point. Oprah asked Joao, “What was the energy flowing up and down my arms?” and he answered, “The power of God.” She cried.

Of course this was a momentous occasion. But for me, it was so searingly sweet. First, the work of The Casa has always been meant to demonstrate the powerful and benevolent world of spirits we cannot see. Oprah’s presence will make that message available to a wider audience.  And a close second, I was filled with joy that Oprah, who has founded a network to heal the world, is giving herself the gift of this experience. There is truly no amount of words or any testimony that compare to a felt sense of the Divine interacting with you in a transformative way. I simply want that for her. Sacred Proof. (link here)

In the days that have followed, I am hearing concerns about how Oprah’s broadcast will change this place of miracles. Will too many people come? Will they be more curious than ‘called’? Will the new surge of pilgrims somehow dilute or distract the energy? Will we ‘love it to death’? I’ve had some of these thoughts, myself.

I believe it is a good thing for the truth of the support of the spirit realms to ring out throughout our world at this time. I believe the same brilliance that allowed this House of Miracles to be created, this same brilliance that supports Joao de Deus (John of God) in offering healing grace for the past 55 years will find a way through any changes and any crowds. I believe a partnership with the benevolent unseen realms may be just the missing ingredient to solving the increasingly puzzling equations of chaos on our planet.

(photo of Oprah in current chair here) I found out afterward that I ‘sat in current’ at the same time that Oprah sat in current next to Joao later that same day. I was tangibly contributing my energy to the spirits who were offering her the gift of healing energy through John of God. Perfect.

Oprah and her crew left that day. Many people I know were able to speak to her, to thank her for the gifts of her own heart ringing out through the world all these years. In many ways, her life’s mission is very similar to Joao de Deus’. Both of them from challenging backgrounds found a way to serve. Oprah urging us to “Remember Your Spirit” and Joao becoming a physical vehicle for spirits. Both changing the way millions think about spirit, and believe in themselves. Both causing chimes of healing grace and faith in goodness to flood our planet.

The photos I have of Oprah and Joao de Deus sitting together on a bench in the garden are poignant testimonies to two kindred spirits from very different worlds recognizing the blessing and benefit of coming together now, publicly, to heal the world.

I am so honored to be their Sacred Witness.

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