Second Time Line (Shared Experience)

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 12, 2011

Sacred Triangle Experience


At the Casa de Dom Ignacio in John of God Land, you only go through the First Time Line once. (Just as you can only be a virgin, about anything, once, and after you have been touched you are experienced in some way.) Forever after, you begin your process in the Second Time Line. I returned to The Casa in October, arriving 18 days before one of the prophesied ‘ends of the Mayan calendar’ on October 28, 2011, two days before a spectacular full moon, in the rainy season with an impressive bug ‘bloom!’ The first day at The Casa, I entered the Second Time Line.

Every visit to The Casa is different, I hear. And every time before John of God, Medium Joao, as he prefers to be known, is certainly different. In part because a variety of ‘entities’ channel through him in different moments, drawn by the seekers and their needs, or the time and its themes. There were many attending this day; the lines were long and the climate intensely hot and humid.

The entire property of The Casa is filled with crystals, HUGE crystals; their presence and size increase as you approach the center of The Casa where Medium Joao sits. These crystals help to focus, amplify, and direct the healing energies from the Spirit Doctors. Karen Leffler has archival photos showing the brilliant rivers of light that channel through them during ‘the work.’

The Casa Bookstore sells crystals energized by the spirits of The Casa; I can never resist touching them as I get my ticket for the Second Time Line. This time they had huge clear green crystal points, unlike anything I had seen, which they believed to be Green Obsidian. Hmmmm. ‘They said’ (the crystals themselves spontaneouly reported to me – that’s what happens to Oracles) that’s not what they are, although they are powerful, consecrated, healing crystals of another sort, yet to be accurately identified….a line of further inquiry for a later time…but I digress…

As I sat in the Main Hall, where everyone waits for their various lines to be called, I found myself spontaneously going ‘into current,’ meaning, going so deeply into the non-local oneness field of my Inner Oracle that I was in tune with the other mediums in the ‘Current Room,’ who intentionally energetically support the work of Medium Joao. I had done this work in a John of God meditation group for years before my first trip in June; it was natural for me to tune to it and go…  I roused from my inner places when I heard the call for The Second Time Line.

This time was made even more unique because I was visiting Abadiania with my husband for his first time. He was also in the Second Time Line because I had taken his photo to Joao de Deus in June and he was prescribed herbs. So for the purposes of Spirit, he was not new to the work. It was likely that his rustling of the bag carrying our water and pillows as he prepared to make his way to stand in line is what roused me.

As the line progressed, we moved through the Current Room where people were holding current to support the work, through the Entities’ Current Room, a different flow of receiving energy rather than supporting it, and eventually to the place where Joao de Deus sits. We made sure to have English translators attend us so we could understand the answers to the 3 requests/questions we had already had translated into Portuguese.

It was obvious that Joao and the Divine Intelligence working through him gazed not only at the pilgrim directly in front of him, but back down the line to see who was coming and what might be needed. In some cases, the being working through him would pull back (disincorporate) and a different one would come forward (incorporate), depending on what was required. Medium Joao is a full trance medium, so his physical body takes on attributes of the various beings who work through him.  (In my first foray, I saw the being known as Dr. Valdevino come forward as I approached. I had asked for healing of my spine. Later I discovered that was his specialty!)

In this instance the beingness did not shift, but as my husband, ahead of me in line, approached, Medium Joao’s blue eyes became almost white, and then shifted back to blue when I approached. I had forgotten the brilliance of the light shining through his eyes. I had forgotten the tangible sense of love flowing through him. I had forgotten the feeling of timelessness in the presence of his gaze. Or at least I had lost the sensory impact of it all. It was good to be in the presence of incarnate Divinity again. To have the Sacred Proof, that fuels my courage, tangibly before me in flesh.

It was even more delicious to share it with my husband, and hear about his experience, so much like my own. So precious. “Did you see how his eyes changed, how they turned white!?” Yes. I did. “Could you feel the vastness, the timelessness, in his gaze?” Yes, I could. Delicious shared experience.

We were prescribed healing herbs, an herbal concoction that holds the unique energy imprint the Divine Ones prescribe for each person. We will take them until they are gone, maintaining the healing presence of the discarnate doctors, choosing healing grace three times a day.

It is SO good to be back in the Land of Miracles. More adventures to follow!

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