Sound Healing—Free Your Voice

Sound plays a vital role in all mystical traditions, as it is the bridge between the lower and higher worlds, the unconscious and conscious, the form and formless.

Shanti Shivani, Nada Yogini, Recording Artist, Sound Healer

Sound Healing - Free Your Voice

Realized Conscious Sound is Pure Alchemy

Sound is a frequency of light and there is a reason that we are already ‘wired’ for it. Whether we hear sound from music, noise, sacred chants, nature sounds, conversation, or our own intentional tones and words, it affects us so profoundly that it shapes our reality every moment.

We can choose to vocalize sound to clarify, dispel, protect, awaken, channel, and create. It is innate. It is our birthright. Let me show you how to Free Your Voice!

How I “Discovered” Sound Healing (and Why I Am Passionate about It)

Sound Healing came to me as quite a surprise. It was my strategy for healing a closed throat which I believed was from too many lives of being silenced in a variety of painful ways, so as I began to channel and work with crystals my throat declined to open fully and I often experienced illnesses there. I began my study of sound with Vickie Dodd in Boulder and became the Crystal Healer on her Sound Training Tour in 1995. She hears the music of the spheres, the songs in bodies, and knows the way to acknowledge and then move pain and stuckness into grace. I was privy to her passionate, unequaled brilliance, and it hooked me forever.

I developed my own intuitive sound modality that I began to use in my client sessions. I received information from the elemental kingdom about the dimensional bridging accomplished through spiraling sound. My angels told me to send the spirals into bodies and the results were remarkable. I studied with Tom Kenyon and added intention, opened more and became a Medium of Sound. I use spiraling sound all the time now (sometimes to the distress of my relatives!) and cannot imagine a creation system, or a life, without it as a key element. To connect, purify, heal and create. I teach a variety of Sound Trainings from time to time, from my own research and experience.

The primary purpose of the ear is to recycle sound to recharge our inner batteries. Sound feeds us the electrical impulses that charge the neo-cortex of the brain, just as food provides nourishment for the regeneration of energy.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis, internationally known inventor, otolaryngologist, author of The Conscious Ear

Sound Experiment

Prime your vocal sound pump by practicing with the sound “Hum.” Just begin Hum-ming to yourself in the shower, in the car, while you work out, as you go about your life. Be present with yourself and notice how your body feels. Notice what parts of your body feel the sound the most. Notice how your emotions change, how your energy changes. Be aware of the particular tone of your Hum. After a few days, add an intention, a dedication so to speak, to your Hum. Like, I want this Hum to help keep me cheerful, or clear, or creative. Work with that a while and be conscious of the outcome. This is a great one to do with friends and family, and compare notes. Be silly with it. Enjoy yourself.

Sound Healing I

An experiential and hands-on 2–day class to teach you how to Free Your Voice and begin healing with sound. Click here for more info.

The medicine of the future will be sound.

Edgar Cayce, Prominent American Psychic Researcher