Spirit Calling

by Trinity S. Thomas on February 15, 2013


They came again last night.

I’ve learned some of their signature calls. Sometimes I first notice I am unusually tired and uninterested in anything busy or loud. If I’m already seated, they flood me with an anesthetic-like torpor so that I don’t want to move at all. When I close my eyes, it intensifies. These healing spirits often tell me, “Close your eyes and we will help you.” I, and my friends and family, have experienced many healings from them, so I am more than willing to cooperate!

Occasionally I realize they are wanting my attention when things start to move in my environment. Tonight 3 shirts fell off their hangers, one after the other! (This morning a blessed water bottle tipped over for no discernible reason, and I sat down quickly to receive a message about changing my morning plans.)

The Spirits will also use the electricity to announce their presence. Just a short outage of a second or two gets my attention perfectly. Or if I check my email or read too late at night, the lights may go out altogether, saving me from missing my appointment with them!

Back to my story. The Spirits came again last night.

First I noticed the lights blinking. So I turned off my little bedside lamp, adjusted the crystals next to me in bed, said a prayer of “Welcome. Thank you for my healing,” and closed my eyes. With my returning inner vision I noticed energy shapes and movement around the room. My crystals got a bit hot. (John of God places huge crystals at The Casa to support the focus of the Spirit doctors who work with and through him.) I noticed a slight vibration in my body. I began to drift into sleep.

Lightning flashed, followed by the majestic thunder Abadiania is known for. The dogs barked. I woke up just enough to notice a distinct form leaning over me, and a felt a distinct touch on my throat. (See A New Voice blog link here) An increased warmth and vibration there. My heart filled with gratitude for the experience, more even than the tangible healing of my physical form. I felt an even greater gratitude for my experience of the reality of the arrival of the Spirit Healers, for making themselves felt to me so that I could more easily believe in all the miracles here. For restoring my trust in powerful, benevolent spirit presences loving and caring for me beyond the boundaries of what I had ever known to be possible.

All I had to do was ask. To close my eyes and let them help me. I felt tears leaking out of my eyes, running into my ears. I heard a whispered, “Grace” and then, “Go to sleep now.” And I did.

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