by Trinity S. Thomas on June 15, 2011

Light Lotus after 'Surgery'


Yesterday was the day my stitches were due to be removed, from my ‘surgery.’ We were told the spirit doctors would come in the night to remove them, we were instructed to wear all white, and to leave a glass of water by the bed to be energized, and drink it upon awakening.

To ensure I was well rested, I took a nap. I became aware of spirit beings working with me, I felt the ‘spirit cold’ I associate with their presence, and I was unable to move, which I also associate with their presence. Since we asked for up to 9 places to be operated on, I haven’t been completely sure exactly where my ‘surgeries’ were. But I felt distinct places being moved slightly, as it would feel for stitches to be removed. These tangible events help me to relax into believing that all that is professed to be true in John of God Land, is.

Last night I also felt presences, and followed all the protocols. Tomorrow I will take a photo of my husband to the Casa for a blessing, ask to be able to sit in the strongest ‘current’, and request one more type of assistance.

I am reading amazing books about how the world of spirit intersects with ours. It all seems so familiar! And comforting. I have a few changes to make in my life when I get home.

Today is a powerful lunar eclipse, in the midst of solar flares and volcanic eruptions, which somehow seems perfect.

For now, I am holding a calico cat on my lap, enjoying new friends, loving daily walks, eating delicious food, and hoping for another surgery tomorrow!

Ciao for Niao!

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