Take Two

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 18, 2011

Post Surgery Sunset


I’ve just recovered from my second Spiritual Intervention, just now right before sunset. The second time was easier, but also deeper than the first.

When the ‘Operation’ line is called at the Casa, you are instructed to either put your right hand on the spot where you want the ‘surgery,’ or to put your right hand over your heart, which allows up to 9 ‘invisible surgeries’ to be performed. This number is only limited by the strength of your ‘spiritual body.’

With my right hand on my heart, I waited in the Operation Room, sitting on a pew-like bench with several other folks crowded close, eyes closed, as relaxed as possible. I felt things. In my hips, in my spine, in my arms, in my sternum, in my neck. Little tugs or shooting pains. Good signs of activity inside. I heard later that the ‘operations’ are performed in that particular room because that is where the many spiritual surgical instruments and implements are kept etherically. When the announcement came that the ‘operations’ were complete, I was able to skip the instructions, since I had just heard them all last week, and proceed directly to the line for herbs. All the while being careful to use my parasol to shield myself from the sun. And to walk slowly.

Herbs in hand, I proceeded to catch a cab back to my room, which I had prepared the night before. Only light water bottles, no heavy lifting. Lots of pillows and crystals in all the right places. Window shades just so. Even though my room is only about 9 minutes by a slow walk from the Casa, ‘post-surgery’ requires great care. Once in my room I laid down, knowing the spiritual anesthesia would cause me to lose consciousness quickly. I was out for more than 3 hours. And slept most of the next day.

I bounced back faster this time. But I also didn’t try to do as much. It’s as if I know my way around this process now, and my body relaxes into being confident of care. Of soft light, pillows and water and blankets just so, meals lovingly delivered. No computer, journal, or reading.

This morning I was dozing and at the time the current began in the Casa I felt an electrical jolt, a sensation of profound cold, and a quick drifting into deep realms come over me. I was out. I ‘came back’ at 10:17, which is about the time the current stopped.

In the afternoon I surfed the current again in the same way. I felt a little sad that the Casa services were over for the week, already missing the tangible feelings of being held and healed. As I recognized my sadness, the bottom left corner of the bed lowered slightly, as if someone had taken a seat there. I felt a warm pressure on my left calf about the size and shape of a comforting hand. It brought me to tears. It meant to me in the moment that I am always accompanied, tangibly, reliably. My needs are met by God’s emissaries. It was a sensation and reality that sank into my very bones. Beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Take Two has been a deeper healing than I thought possible.

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