Tales from the Sacred Waterfall

by Trinity S. Thomas on June 14, 2011

Sacred Waterfall Sunset


Once upon a time in a forgotten land far, far away, miracles existed, nature spoke to us directly, we could see magic in the air, and our wishes were granted. Great children’s story, right?

Here at the John of God Spiritual Retreat Center, the magic of your favorite children’s story is accessible. I visited the Sacred Waterfall with my co-adventurers this week. You have to take a cab over a squeaky narrow wooden bridge and bumpy road as in all proper adventures. You take turns going down to the waterfall in small groups. Men and women go separately.

Legend tells us (and it’s true) that this is King Solomon’s waterfall. The energy of the crystal table combines with the lush elemental energy of the landscape and the overlighting energy of King Solomon to offer a potent energy cocktail for transformation. There is an energy beam that shoots up exactly as the water comes down. No one is allowed to take photographs here, other than the seven photos Karen Leffler was allowed to take for the book she co-authored with Heather Cummins titled John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions, and not one more or less. And she has only been given permission by the entities to reveal one of the seven, published in her book. See my post “A Picture’s Worth” for her story. The sunset photo in this post is taken from the parking lot above the falls, looking out over the rolling hills to the west.

The actual setting is completely out of a fantasy of what a magic waterfall would look, and sound, and feel like. I felt like I was re-living a past life as a nymph or early Oracle, in the company of my sisters, as we walked together in silence down the narrow path to say our prayers and receive a blessing. It felt at once so completely ordinary and familiar, and at the same time unusual, even extraordinary, with a distinct dreamlike quality to the air and sounds.

When it was my turn, I was SO careful. The rocks were a bit slippery. I held on tight to the railing and moved slowly. The water was so cold! I put my head under it right away and curled to let it cascade all the way down my spine. I sat on a rock directly beneath the strongest water. I couldn’t breathe! There was so much force as well as cold. Then I remembered I can hold my breath a very long time, so no worries. I felt a potent cleansing action, physical and energetic certainly, but also an emotional cleansing.

The elemental world seemed to both forgive me, as human-run-amuck, and acknowledge me, as human-with-loving-intent. A benediction was bestowed. I wanted to lie down in the rocky stream and remain. The Oracle in me felt entirely ‘at home’ in the lush sacred setting.

The John of God Casa sits on the largest crystal table in the world. The Spirits constantly cleanse the people who live here as well as the people who come here. The natural world is pristine, powerful, and palpably present.

The combination of this setting and the intent of a pilgrim to heal, love, and serve is potent. If you close your eyes right now, imagine this Sacred Waterfall, take a deep breath, and make a wish….it just might be granted.

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