Business Visioning

Capital isn’t scarce; Vision is.

Sam Walton

I present dynamic programs for:

  • Board retreats
  • Management meetings
  • Employee events

Follow-up meetings to discuss team results are often recommended.

As I mentioned in my Right Brain Activation section under Inner Oracle, there’s a new Visioning skill set being touted for business success.

Inc. Magazine’s February 2011 article on Business Visioning by Art Weinzweig sums it up nicely:

What is a vision? It’s not as mystical or out there as it sounds. A vision, quite simply, is a picture of what success will be at a particular time in the future. It encompasses answers to an array of questions…Complete the visioning process, and you’ll have a clearly articulated end for your organization—something that won’t change every time the market or your mood shifts.

His conclusion?…there is one thing I wish I had understood more clearly from the get-go: the power of visioning.

Here’s the link to the full article.

Employee Participation

A Vision Board is a also great team builder and employee experience-enhancing tool. Some companies dedicate a wall as an Employee Vision Board, and the employees continue to create it together after the training, over days or weeks. It’s been proven as a great way to boost morale and unify efforts. And it’s FUN!

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I am a powerful partner for:

  • Validating success
  • Redirecting efforts
  • Catalyzing innovation
  • Defining goals

in the corporate sector. I founded small businesses as well as a corporation. I have worked at every level as owner, employee, manager, and consultant. With over 30 years of small business to multi-national Fortune 500 corporate experience, I speak to all facets of business.

Non-Profit Strategies

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead, US anthropologist

  • I have both volunteered and worked as an employee in non-profits.
  • This sector is dear to my heart.
  • I know ‘we the people’ have the talent, skill, and dedication necessary to solve problems and provide resources to meet the needs of our global family.
  • I love working with non-profits to expand community outreach, solicit funding, create innovative solutions, and enjoy substantial growth.

Invite me

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Let me help you give your organization the gift of enhanced vision and abundance today.

Non-profit activities qualify for reduced rates.

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