Vision Boards – Seeing Is Believing

Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.

St. Augustine

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We finally have proof!

Science now has shown that seeing a nature scene has the same physical affect on us as being actually in the scene would have. Our eyes tell us we’re there, we believe it, and we ‘see’ the results of reduced blood pressure and relaxation in our bodies as if we were actually there.

The whole point of Vision Boards is that, in addition to believing it when you see it, you will also “See it when you believe it.” You create the Vision Board, you experience what you have put on the Vision Board (believe it) and then you see it show up in your world, your outer reality. That’s how it works.

Check out this amazing Video by John Assaraf, the Vision Board presenter in “The Secret,” a movie about the Law of Attraction, for how he surprised himself with his own Vision Board:

  1. Receive powerful individual and group coaching on how to create an ‘activated’ Vision Board that works.
  2. Find out why it’s far more than cutting out pictures and pasting them on a board—it’s about aligning with your deepest truth, your soul’s vision for your life, and connecting with that power on a core level to magnetize your ideal life.
  3. Benefit from my more than 20 years of transformational coaching experience across many disciplines, I have a great mix of introspective exercises to reveal your heart’s desires and find the path to their creation.
  4. You’ll create and activate a power-filled Vision Board, complete with images and phrases to help you manifest your intentions and make your dreams a reality.

See my Oracle Line Blog entry, Inception Musings, for more thoughts on the process.

When to Create a Vision Board?

Creating a Vision Board for your own individual manifestation of your life goals is the most common use of this process.

  1. The Vision Board process can be particularly effective when embarking on a life transition such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, birthday, graduation, starting a business, or beginning a new health regimen.
  2. Vision Boards can provide clarity for sudden changes such as re-careering or relocation.
  3. A Vision Board event is a hugely fun and dynamic way to unify a group to launch or celebrate…everything! Families, friends, communities, networking groups, book clubs, charter clubs, hobby groups, educational groups, political campaigns…

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