Vision Statements

A Vision Statement is a powerful word equation used to create what you envison, after you’ve done some exploring with Visioning, Sound, Soul Advocacy, and your Inner Oracle.

A powerful Vision Statement is a combination of a formula and a prophecy for your success.

Since the mind does not recognize the difference between now and the future, a Vision Statement accelerates the manifestation of your intent exponentially. Unlike a traditional Mission Statement, your Vision Statement should include emotion (celebration!), examples of what you (or your customers) will experience, and can include creative wordcraft. It can function as a mantra to bring what you desire into reality.

I employ conscious language techniques and translations to ensure your Vision Statement contains a maximum of description and a minimum of dilution.

Vision Statement Examples—Food for Thought:

When you’re ready to codify your intent into words, take a look at the Vision Statement of some people and companies you admire. Here are a few diverse corporate ones to start you thinking.


Harley-Davidson is known for selling motorcycles to all sorts of people. Their Vision Statement includes their assertion that they provide “extraordinary motorcycles and customer experiences.”


Allstate provides many insurance products. Their Vision Statement says they intend “to reinvent protection and retirement for the consumer.” With only 8 words they powerfully describe what they offer their customers.

Privo by Clarks

“We believe comfort frees the spirit. We believe style is a blend of science and art. We believe lightness is its own reward. And we believe slipping on a pair of shoes should do what ours always will – lift you up… If you’ve ever laughed until it hurt, listened to your heart, passed on the mini-van, slept in, lied about your age, found your groove, read the ending first, gone outside the lines or bought a one way ticket, then Privo is for you.”

Hilton Worldwide (my fav)

Hilton Worldwide, a global hotel company, states that they want “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” Which makes we want to stay there!


Don’t forget to have some fun, be irreverent, and celebrate yourself! You can’t get it wrong, because it only has to work for you!

(Send me some of your favorite individual Vision Statements, yours or others, and if I use them I’ll give you credit – those aren’t so easily found on the ‘net.)