Week 14 in John of God Land

by Trinity S. Thomas on October 28, 2013

I was ill and had to postpone my trip a week. I was having the Breakup Blues from exiting a team I had worked with for more than a year. It was time for me to be about committing to my own unique work with Spirit. Overdue, really. I thought I was much better until I woke up throwing up into my pillow in the middle of the 8 hour plane ride from Atlanta to Brasilia.

I had an aisle seat and the stewardesses were in a bumper car mood. The food was inedible. The audio for the movies didn’t work. My seat mates were surly. The cab driver I expected was not there after Customs. Oh my.

I took a deep breath just outside of Customs, 22+ hours into my journey, ill and hungry. “OK,” I said inside myself. “I am here now, headed for the Land of Miracles. I need a cab and a good attitude.”

Immediately I saw a cab driver I recognized, smiled at him, and he
held up a sign that said ‘Trinity.’ And off we went.

Not surprisingly, I fell asleep on the way. I woke up to a Beatles song on the Brasilian radio. “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead….We’re on our way home…” and as I opened my eyes I recognized the upcoming turn into the Land of Miracles, the road to The Casa de Dom Ignacio, where the medium Joao de Deus, John of God, has created a legacy of miraculous healings for many decades. They call this part of Abadiania ‘The Bubble.’ Because the ‘energia’ forms a field of high vibrations to support the miracles. It was so sweet to feel that resonance again. I felt myself exhale deeply, and my body

‘The Bubble’ is about 6 blocks long, and I was staying right in the
center, so we were almost there. The cab turned down the dusty road, scattering dogs and roosters and dodging the ever-present construction workers. The heat was staggering.

My friends were there to greet me with the street dogs they are devoted to. The adorable newest one has the perfect name; they named her Spirit. The dogs of Abadiania are their own story. They radiate such a rare and palpable unconditional love. They are clearly emissaries of a very great Being, sent to participate in the healing miracles.

Abadiania is not an easy place to be an animal…More on that later.

Walking through the courtyard, I felt the welcome from so many beings, many of them not physical. My little room greeted me, the waterfall mural over the bed promising cascades of many sorts to come, as if I had never left. My cough of several weeks was nearly gone already. The ‘energia’ was working its magic on me already.

I joined my friends on the hammock porch for a sweet chat about so many things, deep and trivial, watching Spirit dance in the grass. In puppy form, and in non-physical form. In our laughter and in the silences in between us.

Week 14 had begun.

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